Deer In The Backyard

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Deer In The Backyard

We receive no building code enforcement at #321Broadway.

We hired a shady contractor to replace our foundation.

Kevin Oberhouse d.b.a Toledo Basement Repair / DIVERSIFIED GROUP LLC started working, removed our entire foundation, got six RED TAG / STOP WORK ORDERS and then abandoned the job.

The city of Maumee Division of Building Inspection and Zoning was incompetent and malicious in their treatment of us and our home, made error after error, told lie after lie and then abandoned the job.

The city of Maumee has made so many mistakes and told so many lies that they now just ignore us.

We painted #PublicNuisance on the front of our historic home five months ago and not one person associated with the city of Maumee, Ohio has said one word about it.

Mayor Rich Carr is lying!


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Considerations to Make When Choosing Kitchen Remodelers to Hire

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Buying a home is something most people work very hard to achieve. Once a person has found a home and purchased it, they will need to shift their focus to taking care of their residence. There may come a time when a homeowner finds things they want to change about the home.

One of the most common home improvement projects is a kitchen remodel. Rather than attempting to do this work alone, a homeowner needs to hire professionals to help them out. The following are some of the things a homeowner needs to think about before hiring kitchen remodelers in their area.

Getting a Look at Their Previous Work

The first thing a homeowner needs to consider before hiring a remodeling company is what the contractor’s previous work looks like. In most cases, a remodeling company will have an extensive portfolio to show prospective customers. By taking a look at this portfolio, a homeowner can get a feel for what a company is capable of.

A homeowner will also need to go online and look at the reviews a remodeling company has gotten from former customers. Ideally, a homeowner wants to hire a company with a consistent track record of providing … Read More

Santiago de Chile

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Santiago de Chile

The city, beyond your house | La ciudad, más allá de tu casa
Picture number | Fotografía número 1,324

About the photograph:
An elder is obtaining our key duplicates
Locksmith without name
Next to Unimarc supermarket
At the corner of Gran Avenida and Departamental avenues
Departamental subway station
San Miguel + Santiago + Metropolitan region

Acerca de la fotografía:
Una persona de edad está obteniendo duplicado de sus llaves
Cerrajería sin nombre
Costado Supermercado Unimarc
Gran Avenida José Miguel Carrera esquina Avenida Departamental
Metro Departamental
San Miguel + Santiago + Región Metropolitana

Neighbourhood issues
An man is waiting our keys at a locksmith´s that is specialized in home and car keys (primarily in emergency cases, when the folks needs a key for a relative, or when the house lock was changed). In Santiago, it´s very common to see this kind of shops next to supermarkets, home improvement stores, subway stations and newstands.

Se Habla Español
Asuntos del barrio
Un anciano -probablemente sobre los 70 años de vida- esperaba en un soleado mediodía de ayer (sobre Santiago) las llaves que había encargado en una cerrajería de barrio que se especializa en obtener duplicados de … Read More

Finding the Right Company for Your Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Needs

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When undertaking a heating or cooling project for your home or business, you need someone you can trust. What you need is a company who will treat your residence or business with the utmost respect and also get the job done. When it comes to Phoenix HVAC, you need to consider what you are having done and go with the people who will work the hardest while also providing friendly service and great prices!

When you are looking around, which projects are you hiring to hire help for? For residential work, help is often brought in when tenants first move into a new home. Many people wish to have their heating and ventilation and other aspects of their home checked when first moving in to their home. But you may also want to consult a professional company if you just want to improve your home or are planning to remodel it all together. Air condition repair Phoenix is ​​very important. With Arizona hitting such high temperatures, the AC is definitely something new homeowners will want to have examined. But for residents who have been living in the same place for a long time, they will want to as well. Just … Read More

12a – Tupper-Sloan Residence – 1919 La Salle Ave – 1903 – Allied Arts Co (E)

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12a - Tupper-Sloan Residence - 1919 La Salle Ave - 1903 - Allied Arts Co (E)

West Adams Heights

“Nowadays we scarcely notice the high stone gates which mark the entrances on Hobart, Harvard, and Oxford streets, south of Washington Boulevard. For one thing, the traffic is too heavy, too swift; and then, again, the gates have been obscured by intrusions of shops and stores. At the base of the stone pillars appears the inscription “West Adams Heights.” There was a time when these entranceways were formidable and haughty, for they marked the ways to one of the first elite residential areas in Los Angeles. . . In the unplanned early-day chaos of Los Angeles, West Adams Heights was obviously something very special, an island in an ocean of bungalows—approachable, but withdrawn and reclusive—one of the few surviving examples of planned urban elegance of the turn of the century.”

– Carey McWilliams, “The Evolution of Sugar Hill,” Script, March, 1949: 30.

Today West Adams Heights is still obviously something special. The past sixty years, however, have not been kind. In 1963 the Santa Monica Freeway cut through the heart of West Adams Heights, dividing the neighborhood, obscuring its continuity. In the 1970’s the city paved over the red brick streets and removed the ornate street lighting. … Read More

Five Popular Trends In Kitchen Remodeling

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Kitchen remodeling is a great way to breathe new life into an older home and the best news is that you may be able to recoup quite a bit of the costs involved when the time comes to sell your house. Remodeling Magazine's 2010-2011 Cost vs. Value survey estimates that homeowners can expect to receive about 69 percent of the costs associated with a major kitchen remodel in a mid-level home back in their pocket when their home is purchased. That percentage may vary a little depending on where the house is located, but few other home improvement projects offer that much return on your investment.

What's Popular in Kitchens Today?
The current economy has many homeowners discovering their inner gourmet chef. Families are finding out that cooking and eating at home can not only help their budgets – it might be a lot more fun, too. Large open kitchens that invite family gatherings while meals are prepared are popular now, but the resident chef also wants a work space that's efficient and user-friendly. A few indulgent upgrades to make cooking more enjoyable are welcome additions, too. When planning your kitchen remodel, consider these current trends:

  • Island Convenience – many
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