Every house in the vicinity of the state’s mother has at least one unit of fire extinguisher as a first step to prevent fire.

Kuala Lumpur’s Malaysia Bomba and Rescue Director (JBPM) Director, Nordin Pauzi, said he was to allow the initial action to be taken in the event of a fire at each residence.

At the same time, he said his office had always been giving birth to instructors teaching the use of fire extinguishers when the time was anxious and before the assistance of bomba members arrived.

“We want people to always be willing to be in a state of anxiety, especially when it comes to fires, because of the importance of having a fire extinguisher in Malaysia.

“In Malaysia, all royal housing registered with JBPM are required to have a fire extinguisher, but other residences are encouraged to make the same case.

“For fire extinguishers at home, the lifespan is two to three years, but it depends on the stage of use,” he said.

He said so at the media conference on Fire Safety Attendance for the 2018 Deepavali Celebration Season here, today.

Further reviewing, he said JBPM Kuala Lumpur had frozen all members’ leave starting on November 15 in preparation for the flood.

“The bomba members are already prepared for any disaster that might apply following the uncertainty of the weather conditions later this year.

“Even though the first lady does not face a devastating flood season, we are prepared to deliver membership and logistical assistance to neighboring countries that face flooding,” he said.

Asked about the reaction to the spread of Belanjawan 2019, Nordin described the royal award for bomba that were placed in line with other safety agencies such as policies and troops as a big tribute.

“One great award and respect exceeds the ringgit, he also shows that the kingdom values ​​JBPM as a position that contributes to the people,” he said.

Understanding the Advantages and Disadvantages of APAR Powder is a basic knowledge for you to determine the type of APAR that is suitable to fit the characteristics of your room and building. Therefore, we present this article as an ingredient to find out how much profit and loss if you choose the type of dry chemical powder.

Advantages and Disadvantages of APAR Powder

Some advantages and disadvantages in using APAR type Dry Chemical Powder include:


  1. Effectiveness
    •    Effective to be used in wood, paper, plastic and other fires
    •    Effectively used in the fire of flammable liquefied gases
    •    Effectively used in gas fires
    •    Effectively used in electric fires
    •    Effectively extinguishes all kinds of fires (multi purpose)
    •    As an air separator (O2) from the fire of a burning object
    •    Not an electric current
    •    Effectively used in open spaces provided the wind is not too strong
  •    Can absorb heat while cooling
  1. Reach
    •    Can be used in fires with far and wide reach
    •    Can be used indoors or outdoors
    •    Can extinguish fires that are large or small
    •    Quickly extinguish fires originating from the start of a fire
  •    Available in small, portable and in the form of wheels
  1. Operation
    •    Easy to carry and use for women and parents
    •    Fast operation in the use of an emergency outage
    •    Using the P.A.S.S. method in putting out fires
  •    Famous for use throughout the world


  1. Residue

APAR type of powder leaves dust and pollutes the room or burning area so that if there is a liquid containing material, it will cause a loss.

  1. Toxic

Besides being dusty, the type of dry chemical powder contains toxic chemicals (potassium bicarbonat) which result in shortness of breath and poisoning so that you are expected to wear a mask and personal protective equipment when firing.


Of the many advantages and disadvantages of APAR powder, today, especially in Indonesia, they are still familiar with the use of APAR powder because the campaign is not yet massive using powder replacement fire extinguishers.

In other countries, the use of APAR powder has experienced a significant decline considering the presence of the latest type of APAR that is environmentally friendly (clean agent) known as the type of Non-CFC Non-Halonic Non-Liquid Clean Gas Cleaners.