Drug Store Fixtures

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Drug store fixtures are a unique blend of wood and steel components. A comprehensive range of attractive fixtures are available through specialized companies. You can buy these fixtures from a number of local sellers at reasonable rates. Used fixtures can be bought from local drug store owners when they go in for renovation or sale. Fixtures for an average size drug store may cost around $ 20,000.

The drug store fixtures house light fixtures and other hardware fixtures. In a heritage drug store, the main attraction is a set of antique drug store fixtures. In a modern drug store, the main fixtures are pharmaceutical distribution systems, medicine storage systems and floor supported counters. Gondolas, slat wall panels, hangers, packaging, literature racks, glass floor displays, shelving, sign holders, tables, literature holders, risers, wall standards, brackets, display cases and counters, backroom storage, news stand, toy area, and cash counter wall unit are all part of drug store fixtures ..

All drug store fixtures are designed to provide good functionality with flexibility. The free standing fixtures are used as storage devices having ample space and work space, which can be easily changed in accordance with the store? S needs. The floor supported fixtures … Read More

Home Improvement

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Home Improvement

The Money Pit provides home improvements tips and suggestions to help you make your House a Home. View tips to save space and add style to your home here moneypit.com/article/spiral-staircase-kits-your-home

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Transforming an Aluminum Patio Cover Into an Insulated Roof on Your Mobile Home

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Mobile home repair can be a daunting task. A popular addition to mobile homes are aluminum patio covers. Aluminum patio covers offer a nice opportunity to increase outdoor living space. Typically these structures have a “U Pan” or “V Pan” design. A lot of people have tried to enclose the area underneath and heat it. Most people fail at this. I will tell you how to successfully accomplish this.

The hardest part to this task is effectively insulating the aluminum patio cover. Most people will see how the pans are shaped and become perplexed. The most effective way is to fill the low voids of the cover with 2″ foam board. Measure and cut strips of the foam board to fit in between the ridges of the pans. You want the surface of the foam board to be flush with the top of the ridges of the pans. If you are not flush yet, add an appropriate thickness of foam to make the surfaces flush. Once flush, overlay a foam board across the entire patio cover. You can use 3/4″ or 1″ foam. Use screws with washers to attach the top layer of foam. If you are not going to … Read More

Easy Tips on How to Make Double Curtain Rods Out of Single Curtain Rod

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Double curtain rods can add a stylish touch to a dull room and classiness to windows. This allows a combination of sheer and solid panels to be utilized. But most homeowners and other residents usually have one curtain rod. This restricts them from thinking of more ideas on how to change the look of their windows. However, if you have double rods, you will surely have countless ideas on upgrading the windows. To make this project more practical, change your single rod into double. In this way, you no longer have to incur additional expense. The main question here is, how to do it. Reading the rest of this article will give you slight idea on how to do it.

Get a curtain rod conversion set. This set has brackets, hardware and a simple curtain rod. Try to pick a color and design that is close to the old single rod that you are using.

Remove your old draperies and the rod from the bracket. Put it on a place where the line will not be wrinkled, stained, worn out or covered by dusts.

Slowly remove the old brackets and hardware. If you see defects on the wall, try using … Read More