Using Technology to Expand a Level of Accuracy Beyond Perception

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Over 4,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptian version of a level was a string and weight hanging plumb from the center of a frame. And while the modern contractor evolved into using more accurate spirit levels, many are upgrading to higher-tech electronic measuring tools which find "level" with lasers, inclinometers and accelerometers. Although the accuracy differences between traditional levels and laser levels, digital levels or the popular bubble level application on your Droid or I-Phone, are now imperceptible to humans, it's not going to stop the convergence of new technologies into our traditional tools.

Simple as it was, Bronze Age Egyptian level technology worked, but the Industrial Age cave man the ability to use machines to make metal and plastic leveling tools to more exacting standards. In the twenty century, the level was perfected with the spirit vial or bubble vial, with a glass body (now acrylic) and mineral spirit contents. This miniature level, when placed into a wood or metal frame from 9 "to 96" creates a tool for the job site. The accuracy of spirit levels are typically less than or equal to the width of a human hair; an accuracy barely perceptible to humans. On many spirit … Read More

Tips on Finding a Good Furniture Supplier

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The best part about owning a home is the freedom it provides a homeowner to decorate. Regardless of what style a homeowner likes, they can incorporate into their existing décor. Whether a person is trying to find living room or bedroom furniture, taking the time to do some research is a great idea.

The key to getting a good deal on quality furniture is working with the right supplier. Rushing through this important decision may lead to big problems in the long run. The following are some of the considerations a person should make before working with a furniture supplier.

A High Level of Experience is a Good Thing

When trying to choose a furniture supplier, a homeowner should find out about the experience they have. Ideally, a person will want to choose a furniture store that has been in business for a while. Typically, the longer a business has been operational, the higher the level of customer service will be.

If a homeowner wants to find out what former customers are saying about a particular store, looking online can be helpful. By reading over the reviews a store has gotten, a person should have no problem figuring out … Read More

Why Having a Glass Top Computer Desk Can Be a Great Idea

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There are some people that will advise you to never have a glass top computer desk. They have seen the horror photos of when a glass desk collapses with the computer still on it, and I will agree those are some terrible looking pictures. Nobody wants one of their great looking desks to collapse and ruin basically everything. But those horror pictures are the exception to the rule; they are certainly not what normally occurs.

The most important thing you need to do when purchasing a glass top computer desk is spend a little extra money. If you buy the poorly designed and cheap ones, the metal frame and glass can separate and cause a major problem. That glass is also susceptible to chipping or cracking, and damaged glass is very weak glass. Proper maintenance on a well built glass desk can eliminate all of those problems, and if it is a more expensive model that is well built, you should not have any of those problems to begin with. So in short, spend a little extra money on a high quality product.

Now the biggest reason it can be a great idea to purchase this type of desk is … Read More