Why Concealing Your REAL Renovation Budget From Your Contractor Is the Most Harmful Thing You Can Do

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Fielding budget-related questions is one of the trickiest parts of our job, because there's always a fine line between giving clients what they want and what their budget will allow.

We often see budget-conscious clients who want to choose lower-quality products to keep costs down. The problem is, those choices do not always correspond with the quality in the rest of their home and can extremely affect impact resale, often doing more harm than good. On the other hand, some clients have a pension for great-quality products, and create visions for their space that if executed, would tip them way past their stipulated budget.

So how do we help clients when they are unwilling to share their budget? The simple answer is: we can not. Most clients think that if they explain what they want to a contractor, the pros should easily be able to tell them how much it's going to cost. Unfortunately, that's a complete misnomer. Picture yourself walking into a used car lot and telling your salesman you want a white sports car with power windows and navigation, and asking them how much it will cost. They'd look at you like you were crazy – clueless whether … Read More

1972 Ford LTD 4-Door Sedan (2 of 9)

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1972 Ford LTD 4-Door Sedan (2 of 9)

Photographed at the Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse "Toys for Tots" Car Cruise in Springfield, Illinois on October 13, 2012. This is an annual event held in association with the Cool Cruisers Car Club and the Central Illinois Mustangers.

Please visit my Motor Vehicles Collection on Flickr where you will find more than 10,000 photographs that have been thoughtfully categorized into dozens of sets, and carefully organized by model year, manufacturer, vehicle type, and more. This project, which began in 2008, continues to expand with new material added daily.

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Renting a Yanmar Dumper For Home Improvements

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Before you go ahead and take out a rental agreement on a Yanmar dumper, you will need to think about and consciously decide which model that you could hire will suit yourself and your jobs requirements the best. Consider things like the area that you need to cover, what is the terrain like and what price can you afford? These are all very important factors when planning an excavation or a house construction. Each of these answers will assist you in making a well-informed decision, rather than just hiring the machinery at the prices where you are quoted the lowest.

Since dumpers are predominately rented by those who are not in the construction industry but with to cater for their own home improvements or garden landscaping, miniature versions of what is more commonly known as an average dumper will be required. The reasons for mini models to be used are plenty. For example, it is not uncommon for the access path into a rear garden to be extremely narrow or difficult to gain access to at all, so the smaller the vehicle the better. When transporting the vehicle onto site you will not even need to consider the attachments as … Read More

7 Secrets to a Smooth Remodeling Project

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The larger the project the longer it’s going to take. At some point during the project everyone realizes the honeymoon is over and YOU wish “they’d get out!” At the beginning of a remodel things seem to go rather quickly, then a feeling of loss sets in; loss of control, loss of your home and loss of being able to continue your routine(s) as usual. The invasion of your private space and the dirt created are sometimes unbearable.

The best way to prevent this is to be prepared.

Get set and psyched up for the inconvenience this will cause. A remodeling project turns your home, and sometimes your life, upside down. Depending on the project, be prepared to set your kitchen up in the laundry room or plan on the whole family using one bathroom for the duration.

Make sure you’ve “secured” a safe space in your home where you can escape.

Make sure either you or the contractor guards against dust as much as one can guard against dust. It does tend to get into places you’d never think of.

1. Seal off doorways.

2. Turn off central air and heat while sanding is happening … Read More