Creative Cooking

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At times when conventional cooking is not an option, there are many ways of being able to cook food, depending on what's for dinner, can foods come pre-cooked and can be eaten straight from the can, in a time of crisis. Depending on the area in which you live and the season it is, canned foods can be placed outside in the sun for a few hours, so you can be able to enjoy a warm meal. Certain foods such as legumes and grains need to be cooked in order to make indigestible components digestible.

Cooking Utensils

It would be great if you had a two-four quart pot with lid, but if not then you can make a pot by using a number 10 can, usually from stored food or coffee. Many cans have a plastic coating on the inside that must be burned of completely before it can be used for cooking. Make a fire outside, in a woodstove or fireplace. Place the can open side down on the flame. It will take about 5-10 mins for the plastic coating to be burned off. Once the flame subsides and the can cools, wash the can thoroughly with soap and … Read More

1 house 1 fire extinguisher

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Every house in the vicinity of the state’s mother has at least one unit of fire extinguisher as a first step to prevent fire.

Kuala Lumpur’s Malaysia Bomba and Rescue Director (JBPM) Director, Nordin Pauzi, said he was to allow the initial action to be taken in the event of a fire at each residence.

At the same time, he said his office had always been giving birth to instructors teaching the use of fire extinguishers when the time was anxious and before the assistance of bomba members arrived.

“We want people to always be willing to be in a state of anxiety, especially when it comes to fires, because of the importance of having a fire extinguisher in Malaysia.

“In Malaysia, all royal housing registered with JBPM are required to have a fire extinguisher, but other residences are encouraged to make the same case.

“For fire extinguishers at home, the lifespan is two to three years, but it depends on the stage of use,” he said.

He said so at the media conference on Fire Safety Attendance for the 2018 Deepavali Celebration Season here, today.

Further reviewing, he said JBPM Kuala Lumpur had frozen all members’ leave starting … Read More