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Newest Trend in Wedding Cakes – Projection Mapping

The future of wedding cakes has leveled up to incorporate the latest state-of-the-art technology, which is popularly called in the video world as projection mapping. The procedure entails using video and projector technology to impose an animated show or an optical illusion all over the wedding cake. This latest technology has taken weddings and the cake business into a new level of creativity and possibilities.

Projection mapping makes use of objects as a space or venue to superimpose video films or materials over it. One may use objects which have large spaces, like building facade, walls, landscapes or, if not, medium size objects like wedding cakes. A special virtual software is applied where a two or three object is spatially mapped through optical illusion or animation and projected over a chosen object. By way of interlinking this software to the projector, a created image can be displayed on a chosen space. Most of the time, the video is combined with an audio narrative or music to produce an entirely narrative animation.

Steps in projection mapping
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Decide what object space to use for projection mapping to take place.
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Then mapping the spatial spaces of the video over the choice object space will be done using the special software.

Decide on what image or video to be projected.

Then the “masking” process takes place, which is to use special templates to cover the exact shapes and positions of the different features of your object space.

A large or small projector may be used, depending on the size of the object space, and which is connected to the video unit.

History of projection mapping

The principle behind projection mapping dates back in the late 1960s where it was referred to as video mapping. In 1969, Disneyland used this technology in one of their popular rides, Haunted Mansion, which made used of fake horror images and have them superimposed on the walls. With the advent of this technology, more artists and digital technicians have applied projection mapping into their art projects.

With this technology, projection mapping can be utilized in all kinds of live events, including weddings, or in theaters, or in building displays.

Projection mapping has scaled up to include projecting images on wedding cakes. You can try creating a more animated wedding cake by introducing animation on it.

Wedding cake projection mapping actually debuted in Disneyland, Florida. Disney further debuted into selling wedding cakes using projection mapping at $12,000 per package.

What an interesting piece of conversation during wedding events when your wedding cake has become interactive.