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7 Secrets to a Smooth Remodeling Project



The larger the project the longer it’s going to take. At some point during the project everyone realizes the honeymoon is over and YOU wish “they’d get out!” At the beginning of a remodel things seem to go rather quickly, then a feeling of loss sets in; loss of control, loss of your home and loss of being able to continue your routine(s) as usual. The invasion of your private space and the dirt created are sometimes unbearable.

The best way to prevent this is to be prepared.

Get set and psyched up for the inconvenience this will cause. A remodeling project turns your home, and sometimes your life, upside down. Depending on the project, be prepared to set your kitchen up in the laundry room or plan on the whole family using one bathroom for the duration.

Make sure you’ve “secured” a safe space in your home where you can escape.

Make sure either you or the contractor guards against dust as much as one can guard against dust. It does tend to get into places you’d never think of.

1. Seal off doorways.

2. Turn off central air and heat while sanding is happening and keep extra filters on-hand.

3. Designate one entrance where deliveries can be made.

4. Make sure all bare floors and carpets are “draped” out thoroughly and completely. Covering all flooring and pathways can prevent the tracking of dirt throughout the home.

5. Have an upfront conversation about cleaning – when will it happen, how thoroughly and how often? Will the contractor or one of their crew do it or should you get your cleaning service to handle it?

6. Keep your sense of humor. Remember that many parts of a remodel are out of your control and laughing can keep you from blowing up or losing it; and help you to have an honest conversation about what’s disturbing you. It’s all about clarity.

7. See this as an adventure. Celebrate each finished stage of the project. In the long run you can control how you feel about things even if you cannot control the time frame. This will translate to a happier family and better working conditions as well.

Remember, it takes how long it takes and if you’ve had that conversation prior to starting the job it will make a huge difference when you want to know, “Aren’t you finished yet!?” It’s like taking the kids on vacation and hearing continually “Aren’t we there yet?” You must exercise patience with the kids just like you must exercise patience during your home improvement project – both with yourself and the workers