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Basement Storage Options


Those lucky enough to have a basement should have at least thought about how useful basement storage can be, at some point or the other. Just think, a basement can be good for storage, for use as a new living space, or sometimes a small home or even a luxurious and comfortable entertainment area! The uses to which you can put unused basement space depends on often depends on the age of the house, the space available and your own requirements. Remember, basements in older homes were often, the last space where any effort was expended in making them an effective living area. They were more often than not, dark, damp spaces, with very little light or ventilation and used as a dumping ground for unwanted, damaged or broken household items and other related debris.

The same is not true of basements built in newer homes. Adequate care is taken to see, that the basement is as good a living space as any other in the house is, and as stated before, you can now put this space to a number of uses, based on your requirements. Even basements in older houses, cane be remodeled into well-lit, airy, bright and colorful spaces, and it is up to you to decide what use you will put this space to. Here are some helpful suggestions, which will help make up your mind:

For storage:

  • Ensure the basement space is dry and well-ventilated
  • Use water-resistant materials for creating cabinets, shelves or counters where your storage items can be placed
  • Access into and out of the foundation must be easy and you need to ensure you follow local building guidelines before you do a complete overhaul and remodeling of the basement

As a living space, home office or entertainment area:

  • Take the help of professionals to draw up suitable plans for remodeling the foundation as you wish
  • Take a look at the applicable building and construction laws in your area, get the necessary approvals in place before you begin construction
  • Ventilation is very important, if you plan on using the basement as a living space or home office
  • Ensure doors and windows are included in the layout, adding value aesthetically as well as providing the much needed free circulation of air
  • Power and electricity points must be well-planned and make sure that your current power load is equipped to handle the additional requirements, especially if your land is to be redesigned as a home office or a plush entertainment area

Sit down and carefully list down all the work needed to be done, in order to make your territory area suitable location or activity. Forethought and the necessary time and effort, should see your foundation turning into a space, where you would not mind living yourself!