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Decorating Ideas – How to Decorate Your Living Room


A condominium unit is designed to be useful but at the same time, stylish. Decorating it on your own can make it more attractive and welcoming. It is important, however, to make sure that as you decorate, you do not compromise the need to keep it spacious enough. Here are ways to do this.

The living room is among the most used places in every home. People spend their leisure time with other members of their family in living room watching television, listening music or just chatting with each other. It is the place where you sit with your guests and visitors, so you need to take extra care in decorating this portion of your home.

The sizes that are used for the living room are 4X6 feet and 6X9 feet. Larger living rooms should have more than one piece on the flooring. You can also use smaller ones to place by the fireplace, preferably in front. In order to promote unity and harmony to the living room, use similar colors and styles.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a completely new look, then look into trading your old furniture for new ones. There are quite a few shops that allow a trade, though they may give you a lesser value on your old items, but it does save on buying new furniture altogether.

Keep picture size to the minimum for the best impact on increasing the feeling of space. Keep your furnishings small and, rather than a three-seater settee, choose a two-seater to create the best impression of space. Make good use of mirrors – not just as looking glasses to reflect your image, but reflective glass that refracts light around the room. Your room will look much bigger.

It will help you to know the proper of the lighting and the arrangement of the lamps whether they are right or not. Then let us talk about the decorating. You maybe ask about how to placing the furniture. You have to select the large pieces of furniture first and then select the small. Then you can choose the decorative accent or accent furniture.

If you thinking of some extreme decor concept in mind, first check out to see how your family and friends are likely to accept it and feel at home. If you believe that it is going to offend their sensibilities, then better have a balanced approach to ensure what ever you do is acceptable to the others, for they are the ones who will be visiting you often.

It is also important to have decent lighting, and you don’t even need to spend lots of money on a good lighting fixture. Use a few well placed floor lamps in each corner of the room to highlight an object of art that you want the light to focus on, or give a nice play of shadow and light in the room during the night.

Adding inexpensive accessories is one of the cheap living room makeover ideas that can make a difference in the appearance of a room. There are different accessories that can be used in the living area like pillows, lamps, or flowers.

Often room furniture sets can be a good option if you are on a strict budget. Generally they come with a dining room table, television unit and either have a set of two, two-seaters sofas or you can choose from a few different styles of chaise lounge chairs. Just beware and make sure the furniture is still of a high quality.

To accentuate the brightness and color of the living room, you can place a mirror or glass reflector just opposite to window for reflecting sunlight during day time. If you like to buy cost effective living room furniture accessories, you will have to opt for online shopping stores which give you discounts on your favorite modern sophisticated living hall decoration furniture items.