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Five Ways to Get a Fabulous Wooden Floor

Everyone loves a real wooden floor. The pinnacle of flooring for many people, wooden floors are a luxurious and beautiful addition to any home, enhancing any décor.

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Luckily, there’s more than one way to achieve the wooden flooring dream. Here are five!


If you’re lucky, your home may already have fabulous original floorboards, particularly if it’s an older Victorian or Edwardian house, say. Have a look under the existing flooring – if they’re original boards, it’s a fairly straight-forward job to expose and rejuvenate them.

Once you’ve removed your former flooring, you should first complete any repairs which need doing – for example, filling in cracks and replacing damaged boards. According to Homebuilding and Renovating, you should fill in larger gaps with new wood.

Next, you’ll need to sand the boards. You can hire an industrial sander to do this and then apply any stain or varnish, as desired.

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You may discover your ‘original’ floorboards have been replaced over the years, and there are mismatched, newer boards within your floor.

If this is the case, you can probably stain the newer ones to make them match, or source older ones to give the floor a better look. Be aware, though, that is may be difficult to find boards that match exactly.

Paint it!

You may decide to paint, rather than stain, your old floorboards. A popular choice is off-white or grey, which goes with most décors, and looks great in a bedroom.

However, painting wooden floors is a difficult job – you may need several coats before it looks good enough.

A viable alternative, laminate flooring – such as that available at – comes in a wide range of different colours, and is easy to lay, too.

Solid Wood

If you want real wooden floors the easy way, new wooden floor can be laid down on most surfaces. If you’re pretty handy you can probably do it yourself, because most wooden floors now come in simple to lay, click-together systems.

Engineered Wood

Slightly cheaper than solid wood, engineered wooden floor is made up of several layers of wood but still looks as good as the alternative. It is often more practical than the solid version, as the layers give it both strength and flexibility with changing temperatures and levels of humidity.