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Home Décor Tips For Bare Wall


We oftentimes have a wall section in our home that is bare. We end up simply staring at it while brainstorming of some ideas to spice it up without really deviating from your decoration theme.

To solve your worries, we have great ideas on how to dress up your bare wall without really costing you a fortune. These are really simple ideas but have an awing effect that will transform your bare wall. Apart from it is simple, it is also easy to install with much effort required.

You first option can be mirrors. These are great decorative items that will add life to your bare wall. Simply shop around some mirrors, no necessarily expensive, but unique and artistic designs. You may as well choose for mirrors with difference sizes and shape. Apart our main requirement, you will also require a hammer and nails.

This is really a great idea but because of its delicate characteristic, it is important to do it with extra cautious and care. It is important to look for mirrors with the color and somehow a light hue to complement the general theme of the house. However, if you happen to have already available mirrors at home but deviate from the general theme of your house, you may simply buy some spay paint with a color that matches your home. There are only two options in hanging a mirror home décor. You may decorate it in a horizontal or vertical way which ever suits best to your bare wall.

Another great and fantastic idea is the photo frames. We oftentimes love to showcase our family photos on top of the cupboards or stands. Why not give it a twist and hang it on the wall! The requirements are very simple. These include similar picture framers, hammer, nails, photos and rules. Just make sure that you choose picture frames that have common denominator which can be color, shape or size.

This idea is best for a smaller bare wall section of the hour. It is also recommended to measure the distance from each of the picture frames to keep it uniform and tidy. Again, you may keep horizontal or vertical lines in hanging your lovely picture frames.

For homeowners with such a creative sense, you may use the Geometric style. The requirements will include paint, paint brush, masking tape, ruler and small shelves. With the help of ruler and masking tape, you can create some different geometrical shapes on the wall. The best way to do this is to cover the wall with masking tape. Then design and cut the geometrical shapes on the masking tape. Once the shapes are cut, you may start painting the cut design and shapes. Just make sure that the masking tapes are adhesive enough so as to avoid any spill out on the edge. This will also ensure that you will have the perfect shape with a tidy edge.

These are simple ideas but are sure way to spice up your wall sections at home that are bare to look at.