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How Ikea Usa is Making Great Strides Today


Ikea USA is a huge market that had been slow in the past but, is now making great strides. There are 29 ikea stores in the United states and many more in the pipeline. The easiest way to know about a store that might be near you is to go on the internet and search and you are sure to find one near you. They stock a whole range of products that are related to home furnishing. These products are kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, decorations and mirrors, beds and mattresses, storage furniture and many other accessories. To get information on these products, you can read online catalogs and brochures which contain the latest detailed information.

The stores can be found in many locations and some of them in the state of California include Burbank, Carson, Costa mesa, Covina, East Palo Alto, Emeryville and San Diego. If you are located in the Florida area, you can go to Orlando and Sunrise. There is a store in Atlanta Georgia. In Maryland, the ikea USA stores can be found in Baltimore and College Park. There are very many stores in states like Virginia, Washington, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon, New Jersey, New York and many others. Therefore, there is no excuse for not visiting a store if you live in the United States.

Because of the high growth witnessed in ikea USA stores, they are constantly hiring people and you can get an opportunity to work with ikea. You can get a chance in sales, customer service, warehouse or the restaurant. You however need to be hardworking and you also need to share their vision of making life better for people everywhere. You have the opportunity to receive the latest updates on new products and notices when you subscribe to receive emails from ikea USA. They have also been on the frontline to use environmentally friendly materials and they believe in making more out of little. The company also shares this dream that can also be seen with other ikea stores everywhere.

One practical thing they do is to discourage the use of plastic bags that choke the environment and all over the United States they managed to prevent 64 million bags that would have otherwise gone to the surroundings. Like other stores, ikea USA offer very low and affordable prices and therefore go a long way in serving the customers well. They also put good customer relations as a priority to ensure that there is a good rapport. The staff also have an in depth knowledge of the products and they are always ready to help every customer who needs help. The market in the United States is large and ikea stores have just began because the potential is huge. Have fun while visiting the stores you can only get inspired by the options which are so many. If you want to go with a particular theme, go for the products that best serve the theme. Avoid buying on impulse and you therefore have to plan for all your purchases. follow every advise that you have learnt.