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Keep Your House Clean with a Cleaning Service

The last thing on most people’s to-do lists is cleaning the house. While it is something that needs to be done on a regular basis, it is not something that most people enjoy. Not to mention, with work, hobbies, running children around, attending sporting events, and spending time with friends, it is hard to fit cleaning into the schedule. A great solution to this problem is to hire a cleaning service to come in and clean the house for you.

Cleaning services can come as often or as little as you like. If you are looking to maintain the house and keep it reasonably clean, a once-a-week service may work. If the house is already kept fairly clean, perhaps having a service come in twice a month, or even once a month, is enough. Or perhaps you need a one-time deep cleaning. No matter the need, a cleaning service can keep the house clean, allowing you to continue living your life worry-free.

Services provided typically include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, as well as toilet and shower cleaning. Most services, such as part-time maids from Domestic One, typically offer cleaning in 4 hour chunks of time. If more time is needed, that can be negotiated between you and the cleaning service. If the house is a 2-story house that may require more time, some services provide the option of cleaning the bottom story in once visit, then the top story in another. Again, the format of how the cleaning is done is negotiated between the cleaning service and the homeowner.

Before employing a cleaning service, it is important to ask questions to ensure that all your needs are being met. For example, will the cleaners do the windows? Will they do the laundry? If you have pets, will they be OK with the pets in and around the house? What cleaning supplies do they provide? Some services provide all cleaning supplies, whereas others expect the homeowner to have the supplies on-hand. Finally, what is the cost for the service? Getting answers to these questions up-front eliminates any confusion, and sets the expectations between both parties immediately.

Hiring a cleaning service frees up your time, providing the ability to pursue hobbies and other interests, which allows you to live life stress-free!