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Knowledge Sq. D Circuit Breaker Element Quantities

Sq. D breakers are some of the most well known breakers on the marketplace currently, and have been well known for lots of yrs. Commercial Sq. D breakers use a complicated numbering scheme that can be really useful to fully grasp. These solutions use to the two new and utilized breakers.

First, we will appear at a typical Sq. D element quantity that is available as a new or utilized breaker, the Sq. D KA36200.

Body variety: K

Interrupt: A

Termination: –

Number of Poles: three

Volts: six (600)

Amps: two hundred


As you can see in this instance, the element quantity KA36200 implies it is a variety K frame, standard interrupt, three poles, 600 volts, and two hundred amps. These sorts of breakers typically come in several unique versions, most usually with unique amperages. A three hundred amp breaker would be numbered as KA36300.

Sq. D presents lots of frame sorts. The frame variety determines the dimensions, condition, and design and style of the breaker. The interrupt has several alternatives. A=Typical, C=Additional High, I=Present-day Confined, Y=Typical(F-Body only). Terminal alternatives are None=I-Line, F=No Lugs, L=Lugs on the two ends, P=Lugs off stop.

The suffix presents lots of alternatives:

F=Body Only

G=Floor Fault


M=Molded Case Swap

MT=Best Feed Lugs

V=Perspective Window

By knowledge this numbering scheme, you can decipher the element on any Sq. D breaker. If you have a KA36070, but need to have to put in a one hundred amp, you would know to get a KA36100.

For household breakers, the Sq. D QO frame variety is the most well known. Sq. D breakers are available at home improvement stores and at suppliers on the web. Many on the web suppliers also offer utilized Sq. D breakers. These utilized breakers are feasible alternatives when an electrician are not able to purchase a substitution breaker by standard electrical suppliers. When a home owner is confronted with replacing a household circuit breaker, they most typically can find a substitution from a area hardware or electrical supplier.

If you are replacing a Sq. D breaker and you have to have a breaker with a suffix on it, the only option may well be to purchase a person straight by Sq. D. Many of these breakers drop into the class of tailor made get breakers and are only available from Sq. D, and typically are tailor made crafted if they are not commonly available in inventory at a warehouse.

Sq. D has very long been a pioneer in new and utilized breakers. In 1951 they produced the very first plug-in design and style of breaker- a design and style that is nevertheless in use currently. In 1991, Sq. D was acquired by a French business, Schneider Electric powered. Schneider Electric powered carries on to use the Sq. D identify for all US marketplace breakers. Even while Sq. D is owned by a unique business now, their top quality and product or service availability is 2nd to none.

Sq. D breakers are available at approximately all home improvement stores, hardware suppliers, and on the web from breaker suppliers. Many breaker suppliers offer the two new and utilized Sq. D breakers. Some suppliers focus in out of date and utilized Sq. D breakers.