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Redoing The Basement For A Bedroom Retreat


Anyone who has a large family or who wants to raise the value of the home may think about adding a bedroom in the basement. It is a great space for enlarging the home and is not as costly as adding an extra room on. There are some excellent bedroom plans that are simple and creative. All it will take is a small amount of your time to plan.

Hanging Drywall

Once you have found the bedroom idea you want to use, it will be necessary to hang some extra walls. A few have decided to just add paneling to make the wall. This makes for a cheap, and unattractively thin wall. The better idea is to add drywall instead. Once they are hung, you can paint or wallpaper they with anything you like. Drywall will provide a stronger wall that is able to take the punishment of picture frames and shelves so offering an individual design to the room.

Bring In The Carpet

An unfinished basement is more likely concrete. It is cold to the feet especially in the morning. Adding carpet after all the other improvements have been completed will give you a warm soft alternative and will bring the personal touch into the room.

Carpet squares

may be the right way to finish a basement floor. They are simple to put in and they are already installed with padding and moisture blockage. To add the squares, take precise measurements. Decide on the layout of the tiles before you actually install them. This will give you a neater appearance to the floor. If you find it necessary to cut one of the tiles, a utility knife will be the only thing you need to slice through the carpet layers. Each square needs to be tightly placed against the other one to stop anything from being trapped between them. Once you are complete, run a vccuum over the new carpet to eliminate the lines between the carpet. Your basement is now complete, Enjoy!