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Shower-Liner or Bathtub-Fitter Vs Ceramic Tile Replacement


If you live in an more mature home, you ordinarily have ceramic or porcelain tiles on the shower walls of your lavatory. When you may perhaps not like their existing situation or color, the truth of the matter is that these ceramic tiles have stood the take a look at of time, frequently long lasting forty-50 a long time or far more. When you consider the common lifestyle expectancy of quite a few materials, that’s a fairly superior track file.

In the final ten years, lavatory remodeling providers have started out providing alternate materials when supplying lavatory styles. Unfortunately, the motive for the shift away from standard materials is frequently for the sake of preserving dollars and rising contractor revenue, not in get to enhance the top quality and longevity of a bathroom remodel. The shower-liner is 1 such item. It has minimized lavatory enhancement expenses, but has also had the result of reducing the top quality of quite a few accomplished lavatory initiatives.

Really only, a shower-liner, or tub-fitter as they are frequently named, is a molded fiberglass or vinyl sheet which is set up over a homeowner’s present tiles and bathtub. No plumbing beneath the bathtub or shower is replaced. Several moments in an more mature home the ceramic tiles have mould growth on and beneath the grout lines in between tiles. The shower walls themselves may perhaps be unstable and dry-rotted. Sad to say, as soon as the liner is set up over the tiles homeowners do not see the problems that exist behind it. When on the area factors search all suitable, no 1 can be certain what’s lurking beneath the area. Of the quite a few lavatory concepts contractors have appear up with, the tub-liner is among the worst.

As an alternative of preserving a number of dollars and purchasing an inferior item, homeowners would do properly to use the expert services of a capable lavatory contractor who will fully replace their shower walls and install new ceramic tiles. No matter whether yours is a little lavatory or a massive 1, a customized-made ceramic tile plan will insert magnificence to your new lavatory and worth to your home. As an alternative of only setting up a white or almond-coloured sheet over the shower walls, we can style an appealing pattern of angled tiles with appealing borders and glass mosaics.

Quite frequently, the value for the expert services of a qualified lavatory contractor is not significantly far more than getting the less costly route and setting up a tub-liner. Which is specifically accurate when you consider that it is really possible you will eventually require to rip-out the shower-liner or tub-fitter in get to replace broken plumbing and eventually install new walls and ceramic tiles in any case.