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This kitchen was our first attempt at renovation.

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Concrete Grinding Can Revive That Old Unsightly Slab

Don’t be alarmed by an uneven concrete slab. Don’t let unsightly driveway or patio cracks cause you to launch a costly or time consuming replacement project. And, don’t fall over yourself or on to the ground because of an unnecessary trip hazard. Why not? There are countless beautifying and restoration steps that you can take to fix what seems unfixable. The key to this surface recovery is concrete grinding.

Often, a homeowner will be discouraged by a cracked and unsightly patio or driveway, for example. He or she may even go so far as to conclude that their patio, driveway or garage floor is a disaster area. But with just a little strategic use of concrete grinding equipment, any home owner or business owner can turn a lost cause into a surface that he or she will be extremely proud of.

You can find concrete grinding equipment for small jobs at just about any home improvement center or hardware store. But for the bigger jobs that obviously entail working over quite a bit of damaged surface area you can find some industrial grade concrete grinding equipment at many of the larger commercial and construction related equipment rental businesses. Another concrete repair possibility that you may consider, especially if the project seems daunting, is to hire a licensed contractor who specifically works with this kind of equipment.

But back to the restoration results – it really can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars when compared to a complete surface replacement. Always take the conservative approach before you commit to a time consuming, cumbersome and expensive replacement course of action. A once over lightly will allow you, in a relatively short time, to reestablish a smooth surface. Combine some concrete filler into the gaps and pass over the patched areas with the same concrete grinding equipment to create a smooth, seamless surface.

If you really want to bring the full effects of concrete grinding to fruition, you can complement the results of grinding with staining, painting and/or sealing of the newly restored surface. With these additional touches, you may be pleasantly surprised at just how stunning the final results can be.

From a safety hazard standpoint, you stand to benefit from concrete grinding as well. Any business owner that is responsible for common walkways will eliminate trip hazards and protect themselves against trip and fall lawsuits simply by taking advantage of the benefits of this method of grinding down and smoothing out uneven and broken concrete.

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DIY PERIOD KIT for School & Home | Period Storage!

DIY Period Kit for School & Home | Period Storage! Like for more Period storage hacks for beginners. 🙂 Download Period Tracker App Clue: …

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looking SW from entry hall into dining room – Tinsley Living Farm – Museum of the Rockies – 2013-07-08

looking SW from entry hall into dining room - Tinsley Living Farm - Museum of the Rockies - 2013-07-08

Looking from the entrance hall into the dining room on the first floor of the house on the grounds of the Tinsley Lliving Farm at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana.

The house was constructed in 1889 by William and Lucy (Nave) Tinsley. William Tinsley worked for Wells Fargo and migrated to Montana in 1864. Lucy was a dressmaker who emigrated to Virginia City, Montana, the same year. Both were originally from Missouri. They met in Virginia City, married in 1867, and relocated to Willow Creek in the Gallatin Valley (about 40 miles west of Bozeman). They built a homestead log cabin (about the size of the current blacksmith shop), and lived there until 1889. Their first child was born in 1868, and by 1889 they had eight kids.

William Tinsley built the family a two-story home out of logs taken from the nearby Tobacco Root Mountains. The oldest children helped haul the logs, which took two days to get to the homestead. The structure took two years to construct. Most of the items in the house were ordered from the Sears catalog. The family occupied the house until the 1920s.

The house was purchased by the museum in 1987, and moved from its original location to the Museum of the Rockies in 1989. Refurbished with items donated by Tinsley descendants, it now serves as a living history museum. The house sits on 10 acres of land, and includes a historically accurate kitchen garden, flower garden, chicken coop, farm implements, carriage house, blacksmith shop, root cellar, outhouse, functioning well and pump, storage shed, and fields. A full cellar was excavated beneath Tinsley House as well.

Visitors are free to touch and use many of the items in Tinsley House. A staff of historical re-enactors includes four women who cook, clean, sew, and perform chores around the house as well as a blacksmith who does ironmongery and repairs.

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The Importance of Selecting Proper Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is critical. This is usually the first room we enter in the morning, setting the mood for the remainder of the day. It’s also the room we enter when we are half asleep in the middle of the night.

Washing, putting on make-up, shaving, grooming, and taking medications are but a few of the daily routines in the bathroom. There is no other room in the home where optimizing both daylighting (natural outdoor light) and lighting (light bulbs) is more critical.

Daylighting is important for our overall health and emotions as it sets our circadian rhythms (how natural light affects and resets our biological clock and consciousness). Lighting is critical for our safety (80% of all falls for older adults occur in the bathroom) and personal grooming.


Nothing comes close to beating the warmth, beauty, and emotional value of windows and skylights. These brighten your mood helping you feel more refreshed and energized. They make a smaller bathroom look much bigger. They also have the added value of fresh air and help reduce moisture levels (high levels of moisture can create harmful levels of mold and bacteria and destroy your walls and ceilings).

Windows provide free, energy-efficient, cost-effective lighting and ventilation. They are actually good for you. It has been shown in several prominent studies that daily exposure to natural light can enhance mental and physical well-being, boost concentration and energy levels, and offer a variety of other unexpected perks.

Multiple windows allow for balancing the natural light, cross ventilation, and “opening” the bathroom to the outside. Larger windows can have bottom-up / top-down shades for privacy. Windows can also open in various combinations. Skylights, especially the tube type, offer tremendous opportunities for natural light in small spaces where a traditional window is not practical. A 10″ tube type skylight lets in at least 5-10 times more light than a typical 2×3 sliding bathroom window.


Recess lights, especially LED, are terrific for adding task lighting in the general space, including the water closet. For most bathrooms, LED recess lighting on a dimmer is best. It’s always better to “over light” and use dimmers to adjust. Never use fluorescent lights – the bathroom is not a warehouse.

A light over the tub and shower is ideal for providing both mood and grooming lighting. Shaving legs is so much easier when you have overhead lighting.

For vanity areas, wall sconces mounted either overhead or on the sides of the mirror are best. This removes shadowing on the face which makes applying makeup much easier and gives definition when applying lines. Combining both wall sconces and recess lights within the vanity area solves both the shadow and task concerns. Putting on makeup and doing your hair is much easier when combining the two.

Always use multiple switches and dimmers for lighting. This permits a vast array of possibilities for everyone who uses the bathroom. Everyone has different needs and the value of doing this cannot be over stressed.

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Home Renovation_0165.jpg

Home Renovation_0165.jpg

Home Renovation_0165

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"5 on 5" – The Five Step Continuous Improvement Cycle

When playing a game of “5 on 5” in basketball, the key to success is for the team to work well together, utilize the strengths of each of the players and repeatedly work their process as defined by the coach. As the process is repeated over and over again through the course of the season, the really great teams “develop a chemistry” which is something that is unseen and unquantifiable, but which gives the team an edge over its competition and leads to success.

The same is true in the business world for companies that want to improve and succeed. A business team needs to work well together, utilize the strengths of each of the team members and use a process that is repeated over and over. The following continuous improvement cycle used repeatedly will lead to a new “chemistry” within the organization so that the culture begins to change to one of continuous improvement.

“5 on 5” The 5 Step Continuous Improvement Cycle


1. Identify the target process

2. Organize an improvement team

3. Describe the issues, concerns or opportunity

4. Collect current performance data

5. Create a process map


1. Identify the process customers and suppliers

2. Define the process inputs and outputs

3. Identify wastes and value added activities

4. Define the process requirements

5. Generate a list of potential improvements


1. Establish desired performance goals

2. Prioritize the potential solutions

3. Establish the selection criteria

4. Select the best solution(s)

5. Define the desired process


1. Develop an action plan

2. Develop process performance metrics

3. Document the solutions(s)

4. Test the changes

5. Implement per the action plan


1. Measure progress per the action plan

2. Compare results with desired performance goals

3. Establish ongoing feedback

4. Determine corrective actions that need to be taken

5. Repeat the cycle to define new opportunities

The key to really being successful using this process is the very last step – going back to the beginning and looking for new opportunities. Without this, it is one-time change, not continuous improvement. All too often companies declare victory when a change is complete and sit back for the new status quo to set in rather than taking another look at things to find more opportunities. By using this cycle on a formal basis over and over as problems or opportunities are addressed in the organization, inherent use of the cycle will begin to occur since people will become accustomed to it and the culture of the organization will begin to embrace the idea of continuous improvement. This resulting chemistry that begins to develop will be unseen and unquantifiable but will provide an edge for the organization so that it can succeed within itself and against the competition.

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GoPro Bathroom renovation time lapse

Full bathroom renovation from start to finish in just 3 minutes using gopro time-lapse.

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Home Remodel After

Home Remodel After

Home Remodel After

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