Robert Frost Cabin – interior

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Robert Frost Cabin - interior

Ripton, Vermont USA • From 1939 until his death in 1963, Robert Frost (1874-1963), four-time Pulitzer Prize winning American poet, teacher and lecturer wrote many popular and oft-quoted poems including “After Apple-Picking”, “The Road Not Taken”, “Home Burial” and “Mending Wall”, spent summer and fall in this cabin at his farm in Ripton, Vermont.

During these fruitful seasons he wrote memorable poems and shared his craft at Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, and Bread Loaf School of English.

Teenage drinkers broke in and vandalized the property earlier in 2008. Damage repaired by owner.

☞ On May 23, 1968, The Frost Farm (also known at the Homer Noble Farm) was listed on the National Register of Historic Places (#68000046).

☞ On May 23, 1968, the National Park Service designated this compound a National Historic Landmark (#68000046).

National Historic Landmarks are nationally significant historic places designated by the Secretary of the Interior because they possess exceptional value or quality in illustrating or interpreting the heritage of the United States. Today, fewer than 2,500 historic places bear this national distinction. – [And one of only 17 in Vermont.] – Working with citizens throughout the nation, the National Historic Landmarks Program draws Read More

Need Help With Bed Bug Elimination? 8 Tips You Can Use Today to Eliminate Your Bed Bug Problem!

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Bed Bug elimination has often been referred to in context as “Don’t let the bed bugs, bite.”

Well, for many, this statement is true and frightening.

Before going further, a description of a bed bug is needed. A bed bug that is a mature adult is about one-quarter of an inch in size. Because they are so small, they are able to hide and this they do well.

When bed bugs are small they can usually be eliminated effectively with most pest control products, but when they get bigger it is harder because they are stronger and more adaptable to their environment.

Because the bed bug is so secretive and comes out only at night, it makes the job of eliminating bed bugs harder. One way you can tell if you have bed bugs, is if there are small drops of blood on your sheets or pillow cases and small bites on your skin.

For getting rid of bed bugs it is better and possibly more effective, to have pest control experts come to your home and utilize the methods they have of getting rid of them. However, if this is not possible, then with some help, hard work and … Read More

How to Deal With the Annoying Problem of Peeling Paint

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If your home or property has peeling paint on woodwork, concrete, steel etc you will know all too well the frustration of having your home repainted only to see that paint blistering and peeling off again in a few short months.

This problem can have many causes and is usually not that easy to solve after it occurs.

What are the causes of paint peeling? Sometimes paint blisters and peels or flakes of due to inadequate cleaning or surface preparation prior to application of the paint. Perhaps the incorrect primer is used, maybe no primer is used. Paint applied to previously poorly prepared surfaces is virtually certain to become loose and come away from the substrate / peel off.

Some of the most common substrates that ‘throw paint off’ in buildings are as follows: concrete window sills, wall cappings, precast concrete panels, wooden window frames, fascia boards, gates, galvanised steel gates and railings, shop fronts, painted brickwork, to mention a few. Shiny surfaces like aluminium, uPVC, glass etc are also well known problems for peeling paint.

Let’s take paint peeling off concrete first. Window sills and wall cappings are two of the biggest offenders for this problem. One of the … Read More

Kevlar Sheets for Your Home Walls

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Home security is more important today than ever. You may have even considered Kevlar Sheets for your home or car. They are available and there are some companies who specialize in these things. The military uses them in Humvees and other vehicles. In the Vietnam War the spotter planes and helicopter pilots would put bullet-proof vests on the floor boards since the AK-47 rounds would come up through the aluminum and kill pilots. Without getting too dramatic you might wish to employ the same strategy in your home.

Carbon Kevlar sheeting can be placed in walls in certain safe rooms to protect you and your family. You can put them in the ceiling so when Cinco de Mayo comes around and everyone is firing guns into the air no stray bullets will come through your roof and kill you while you sleep; like you can sleep anyway with a bunch of drunken, mariachi playing, pinata cracking, loud yelling folks are having an all-night party anyway? Don’t laugh you know what I am saying here. If you have a two-story you might wish to put them in the floor boards in kids rooms; perhaps in the walls of the master bedroom. … Read More


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Some of the 17,000 poultry at Seldom Rest Farms located, north of Myerstown, PA, on Wednesday, April 20, 2011. The chickens are kept in a two story chicken house and produce approximately 2.5 million chicks each year. To supplement their electrical needs, they chose a contractor who knew about United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Energy for America program (REAP) grants and helped them through the application process. The farm was awarded a $152,000 grant (25% of the cost). to install the 1001kW solar array to power their farm, a neighboring farm and homes on the local electrical grid. The 240 solar panels were ground mounted with 5-foot clearance underneath to allow sheep to graze and rest underneath protected from the rain, sun or snowfall. Ten inverters change the DC electrical energy from the panels into AC energy that goes into the local power grid. Spring statistics show it is producing more than expected. REAP offers grants and/or loan guarantees for the purchase and installation of renewable energy generating systems and for energy efficiency improvements. For additional important details about REAP, see USDA Photo by Lance Cheung.

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