Easy Tips on How to Make Double Curtain Rods Out of Single Curtain Rod

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Double curtain rods can add a stylish touch to a dull room and classiness to windows. This allows a combination of sheer and solid panels to be utilized. But most homeowners and other residents usually have one curtain rod. This restricts them from thinking of more ideas on how to change the look of their windows. However, if you have double rods, you will surely have countless ideas on upgrading the windows. To make this project more practical, change your single rod into double. In this way, you no longer have to incur additional expense. The main question here is, how to do it. Reading the rest of this article will give you slight idea on how to do it.

Get a curtain rod conversion set. This set has brackets, hardware and a simple curtain rod. Try to pick a color and design that is close to the old single rod that you are using.

Remove your old draperies and the rod from the bracket. Put it on a place where the line will not be wrinkled, stained, worn out or covered by dusts.

Slowly remove the old brackets and hardware. If you see defects on the wall, try using … Read More

Solid Plastering – How to Render a Brick Wall

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How many of you have ever wanted to have a go at cement rendering a wall at home, or even creating a feature wall? Well my name is Christopher and I have been a solid plasterer now for about 40 years. First I will start by explaining to you what you will need to begin.

The materials you will need are basically sand and cement. The sand is called plastering sand, and don’t get it confused with what brick layer’s use. That sand is commonly called brickies loam, which is too fine for what we want it for. Plastering sand is courser than brickies loam and finer than river sand.

The standard mix is generally 3:1, which means 3 parts sand to 1 part cement, usually measured out by the shovel. Now the other ingredient you will need is a liquid that goes into the water mix to push air into the mix to make it more easy and spreadable to use.

Here in Australia we have a few product’s which do this. One is a clear liquid that does exactly what I’ve just explained. Usually you use I cap into the mix. Now a standard mix in a cement … Read More

Want To Downsize Your Home? Invest In A DIY Flat Pack House

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Have all your kids gone away to college? Are you sick of hearing about the global housing crisis? You may be looking to downsize your home to save costs if the answer is yes to those questions. One of the cheapest and fastest ways to go about it is by building your own home. Do It Yourself Flat Pack homes are good options because: 1) you can build them quickly 2) there are many models out there that are high quality and energy efficient, and 3) you can build them in a fraction of the time you would build a traditional home.

As a matter of fact, if you live in the UK, there's an engineer living there that is designing a home where the largest part of it can be assembled in about four hours. According to Dr. Mike Page, the engineer who designed it, it is as easy to put together as an IKEA bookcase. There is not even as much assembly as you'd see in a regular flat pack kit because when customers order these prefabricated home kits, they get the finished product. All that will need to be done will be to add the flat pack … Read More

How Often Should You Use Microdermabrasion Treatments

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In 2006, microdermabrasion ranked as the forth most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedure according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Yet, microdermabrasion treatments are not exclusive to the spa or doctor’s office. In fact, microdermabrasions have dropped down the list of top aesthetic treatments because new at-home treatments allow men and women to perform their own microdermabrasions.

So how often should you perform microdermabrasion treatments on yourself? The answer depends on you. And by implementing the following four-step plan, you can become your own microdermabrasion expert.

1. What is you main objective for performing the dermabrasion treatment?

Before buying any skin care product, you want to know what you expect from the product, otherwise you really can’t judge its benefits. What is the desire driving your microdermabrasion purchase?

Wrinkle reduction, acne scar removal, skin lightening, retexturize damaged skin, minimize freckles or age spots

2. What is your skin type?

The next determinant of how often you should use face abrasion techniques is your skin type: Sensitive, oily, dry, rough, leathery texture or a combination of these.

3. Pick a dermabrasion treatment based on your skin type and microdermabrasion goals

Naturally, if your skin is sensitive and you just want … Read More