Exterior Paint Trends That Are Off The Charts

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Are you painting your home? Are you looking for a classic finish, or something a little bolder? There are many factors that influence our color choices. For example, you may need to get the approval of your Home Owner’s Association, before you paint your home.

What will be the best color fit for you? Are you interested in new color trends? Or, are you more interested in a traditional, and classic, a color choice that has a wider appeal?

Well, it’s up to you – it’s your home, and that ‘safe’ paint choice may leave you filled with regret, every time you see a home, the color that you dreamed of. Choose your home’s color, carefully, and be happy, from the first brush of paint to the last.

1. Black Is Back, Grey Is Hot!

You may choose a more charcoal black, and opt for black, or white, trim. Black is becoming a very popular choice and can look very stylish. Over time, black will fade a little, but, the color is very chic and modern. Darker shades are trending, and, whether it’s your beach house or your main home, you may consider this fashion forward shade.

Black paint, and … Read More

1935 Ford Half-Ton Pickup (1 of 5)

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1935 Ford Half-Ton Pickup (1 of 5)

Photographed at the Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse "Toys for Tots" Car Cruise in Springfield, Illinois on October 10, 2009. This is an annual event held in association with the Cool Cruisers Car Club.

Please visit my collection of Motor Vehicles on Flickr where you will find over 10,000 car and truck photos organized in albums by model year, manufacturer, vehicle type, and more. This project, which began in 2008, continues to expand with new material added daily.

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Alfalfa Sprouts – Grow in Your Kitchen

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Alfalfa has been grown for many civilizations for over five thousand years. Alfalfa was planted in hot, dry regions of Mesopotamia before recorded history. Alfalfa is grown throughout the world under extremely diverse climatic conditions. Alfalfa seeds are in the legume family. The name "alfalfa" means "father of all foods." The saponins in alfalfa sprouts may help to reduce cholesterol. They contain significant dietary sources of phytoestrogens connected with prevention of menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease. Alfalfa sprouts are full of nutrition. Research shows that sprouts are loaded with antioxidants, and are full of protein, chlorophyll, vitamins and amino acids. Sprouts contain enzymes which digest themselves. They add enzymes that heal the body, aid in digestion and are affordable. Enzymes are considered the key to longevity and are abundant in sprouts. Sprouts have the largest relative content of nutrients per unit of intake of any food known. More nutrients reach the cells with less food. Research has shown sprouts to have high levels of disease preventing phytochemicals. They contribute to better health by prevention to treatment in life threatening diseases.

Sprouts are widely recognized by those who are nutrition conscious and health care professionals as a wonder food. … Read More