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basement finishing ottawa ontario

basement finishing ottawa ontario

Twenty Twenty Home Improvements Inc.
177 Keyworth Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Y 0E8
(613) 725-3960

basement finishing ottawa ontario

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Learn How To Hire A General Contractor

Life is full of decisions – If your are planning to build a custom home, your decision making skills will need to be improved dramatically. One of the most important decisions will be: who will build my future quality home?.

The first step is to have an idea about the scope of the project. For instance, you will need to know the size of your proposed custom home, how many rooms, how many baths, etc. If you have a copy of the floor plans, it will be easier for the custom home builder to give an accurate bid. Note: These guidelines also apply for house remodeling jobs.

The process of selecting a general contractor to build your custom home will require several meetings to exchange information:

At this point you are probably wandering, where do I find good licensed General Contractors?. There are several reliable sources:

  • Start with the web. You can find anything on the internet, as long as you use the right keywords. In this instance, you might want to try the following keywords in your favorite search engine: “licensed general contractor” + “state where you live”.
  • Better Business Bureau. Your local Better Business Bureau will provide a list of Homes builder that meet your criteria.
  • The local home builder association can provide with members that will meet your needs.
  • Visit the construction sites and try to get the names of the builders.

First Meeting:

Before the first meeting, you will need communicate with the home builder and request him/her to bring proof of his/her documentation:

  1. Current General Contractors License.
  2. Current Liability Insurance.
  3. Current work comp insurance, if the builder has his own employees.
  4. The home builder must be a member of the local builder association or a member of the Better Business Bureau
  5. Make sure that the General Contractor has a permanent address and not a P.O. Box.
  6. Review pictures of his work portfolio.
  7. Ask your potential builder if he will get all the necessary permits. If he ask you to do it as a home owner, He is not the home builder you want. He might have a problem with his license.
  8. Ask your builder to supply you with references of his previous jobs.

If your potential candidate breezes through your interview, it will be time to go over your project.

    • You, the homeowner, needs to be able to visualize the every room and corner in the house to be able to explain your special needs to the home builder.
    • If you have floor plans available, provide a copy of the floor plan. It will be easier for the General Contractor to provide a more accurate estimate on your project.
    • Request a detailed bid on your project with separate material and labor components. In this way, you will be able to compare different bids.
    • Ask for the warranty in writing

    Before selecting your contractor, you will need at least 3 proposals. All the agreements and verbal promises should be put in writing to … Read More

    Home Improvement Loans: Renovations in Macedonia (Skopje)

    Skopje resident Lile Kik explores the benefits of renovating apartment buildings for energy efficiency through Habitat for Humanity’s loan program.

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    Drywall Repair

    Drywall Repair

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    Emergency Roof Repair – Six Tarping Tips

    If you’re looking for “Emergency Roof Repair” information, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some pointers for tarping your own home.

    1. First off, you need some good tarps. If you are in an area devastated by a hurricane, look for a FEMA assistance trailer. They may be able to get your home tarped for you. If not, they might have tarps you can use to do it yourself. Although they have been criticized in the past for various things, I WILL say this about FEMA — they have HEAVY DUTY tarps. They probably pay $800 a piece for them and chose them after a five-year multi-million dollar study, but they are really good. Try to get those if you can.

    2. The problem with most of the cheap blue tarps you get at the home improvement stores is that they just don’t hold up very long in the sun and wind. It may be months before you can get a new roof. Go for the heavy-duty ones or you may find yourself doing this emergency roof repair twice.

    3. Wood battens will help to secure the tarps in place. The size to get is 1″ x 2″ and they come with or without pressure treating. Either one is fine. Get enough so you can run them VERTICALLY about every four feet apart from the eave to the ridge. Don’t run the battens horizontally if you can help it, as that tends to trap water that can get in at the nail holes.

    4. You will also need nails to hold the battens on. Although a framing nail gun makes short work of this emergency roof repair, a hammer and eight-penny common nails will do just fine. Drive the nails about two feet apart and keep them at least a foot away from the valleys.

    5. Don’t tarp any more than you need to. Areas that have been tarped usually need to be re-roofed because of all the nail holes through the roofing. If only the back of your home is torn up, just tarp the back. But you do need to make sure the tarp is “counter-flashed” to make sure water can’t run under it. That means tucking it under the roofing or running the tarp all the way to the ridge.

    6. A word to the wise… Some tarps are slippery to walk on and especially treacherous when wet. Plan your work so you can avoid walking on them as much as possible. You should also be tied off to the roof with a rope and harness. If you can’t do it is safely, don’t do it. It’s better to wait for FEMA or a roofing contractor than risk life or limb.… Read More

    Home Renovation Companies

    For those of you homeowners that like to get the job done by renovation companies,should definitely be aware of the best home renovation companies that are available to you, so that you can take full advantage of this. After all you are going to need the proper supplies for your home renovation needs, and finding them at an affordable price is always a good thing.These companies offer one of the largest and most varied selections out there, including building materials, doors and windows, electrical, floor covering, hardware, heating and venting, paint, plumbing, and more.

    Homeowners lacking the time and talent to remodel their homes, there are many home renovation companies that can provide the professional results being sought. When considering a remodeling project you will want to contract with one of the home renovation companies specializing in the type of project being considered. While some contractors have the necessary crews with the experience to provide all types of work, others may be limited in the type of remodeling jobs they can complete.

    Just as most homeowners would not call a plumber to install a new electric line, if the homeowner is planning to replace the floors in their kitchen, they should not call a painter. Depending on the type of work being done, the home renovation companies contacted should have the experience for that type of work. There is also a good chance that contacting home renovation companies that offer to do all the work the prices may be slightly higher than specialized companies. When home renovation companies only do one types of work, they may have extra parts and fixtures left over from previous jobs and without the need to buy new ones for your job, may offer a savings on the work. Home renovation companies that have to hire outside contractors to perform some of the work may also add a small fee just for making the calls and arranging the work.

    The biggest complaint many home renovation companies have with the consumer is knowing who is calling the shots on the job. Opinions on what is to be done offer differ between spouses and the poor guy doing the work is often caught in arguments between the couple. One may have contracted the job and seemingly they are in agreement, but part way through one may decide they want something different and the head of the home renovation companies are left trying to figure out which one is in charge.

    In most cases, it is better to hire a contractor and work out the details with them. The couple should then stay out of the way and let them do their job so the project is finished on time, within budget and is what the couple is paying to be done. Many home renovation companies prefer working this way as opposed to the homeowner hiring six different contractors for each phase of the project. It also helps in the timing of the job as one person can … Read More

    Kitchen Design Ideas – LBM Home Improvement

    A few design ideas that could be done by us for your. We provide home renvovation and remodeling. Kitchen, bath and basement remodeling. Finished …

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    Bathroom renovation bath fittings

    Bathroom renovation bath fittings

    Bathroom renovation designed to fit a shower, bath and vanity into a small space.

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    7 Specific Ways to Distribute Your Finances to Achieve Long Term Wealth

    Ask the average person what money management means to them and the usual response will be along the lines of ‘Pay off all the Bills on time and try to save whatever is left over.’ – Not very inspiring nor sound like much fun huh? Here I outline a simple way to change the way you look at and treat money. An efficient and practical way to manage and monitor your finances and get out of debt, which is also fun and if done consistently…the long term rewards will be extraordinary.

    Below are the 7 ways you should be distributing your money. – If you can, setup 7 separate Bank Accounts for each specific use, otherwise 7 Jars, Boxes or any feasible containers will work just as well to get you started. Be sure to do this on a regular basis which you must maintain i.e. Either daily,weekly or monthly.

    1. Investments:

    Allocate 10% of your money to be put aside solely for Investing. Only ever use these funds to purchase Investments. These investments should either generate you ongoing ‘residual income’ or capital appreciation/growth i.e. sell on for a profit. Once you gather enough funds/capital, purchase the respective investment and then start building up again until you have enough for the next one and keep repeating the cycle. This is by far your most important fund as it this that will ultimately work towards achieving your Financial freedom/Independence.

    2. Long Term Savings:

    5% of your money should be allocated for ‘one off’ purchases such as Cars, Clothes, Home Furnishings, Home Improvement, Home Entertainment. This should also be used for Vacations abroad/long getaways.

    3. Long Term Expenses:

    Another 5% should be allocated for any ongoing small Debt, usually Credit Cards or small Personal Loans.

    4. Necessities:

    These are your major living expenses and thus 55% will be allocated to this; Mortgage/Rent, Car Loan, Utility Bills, Food, Petrol/Travel Expenses, Subscriptions…you get the picture…

    5: Education:

    10% of your money is to be allocated to your continuous learning of Financial intelligence and Personal Development. This is very important as you can never stop learning and improving yourself. This would include; Books, DVD/CDs, Seminars, Workshops, required Travel and Accommodation expenses, Training Material and so on…

    6: Fun:

    This is another important fund. Life as you know is too short and if you don’t treat/reward yourself every now and again along the way, it can feel very laborious and get very boring. – 10% of your money goes here and at the end of every week/month/quarter you must blow the whole lot on a treat of your choice e.g. your favourite restaurant, the theatre, spa treatment. – You are only limited by your creativity…The idea being that you really enjoy yourself and acknowledge that you have put money aside specifically for this, and you don’t feel guilty about it!

    7: Charity:

    Wealth is to be shared, 5% goes towards giving back to those more needy. You can either make this a regular contribution or save … Read More

    Selecting Exterior Shutters

    Adding exterior shutters to your property can relatively quick way to add style and color to the outside of your house. Shutters can be found on Historical and modern houses alike, and both benefit from the timeless style of shutters. Since quality shutters last long and are a unique addition to houses this kind of home improvement should be thought of and evaluated before proceeding to install exterior shutters. .

    Lucky for us, exterior shutters are available in many shapes and materials, with a huge market of manufacturers and designers. One very common shutter choice is the vinyl shutters that are easily available at most of the home improvement stores, common because they are simply the least expensive shutters. The only problem with the vinyl shutters is that they often look like plastic and they cannot be stained.

    When you think of a classic shutter you probably have the classic wood shutter in mind, but bare in mind that there are a great many types of wood. Considered the highest quality for shutters is the cedar because of its outstanding durability and resistance to decay, this is why it’s probably the best wood for exterior use. Cedar gives long service with little maintenance in applications such as mud sills, window sashes, sheathing under stucco or brick veneer construction, greenhouse benches, fencing, poles, trellises, and exterior shutters. Cedar is also used extensively for exterior siding because it is dimensionally stable and holds paint well, in addition to being a deterrent to bugs.

    The reason the cedar wood makes such a perfect choice for the shutter is that the tannin in cedar produced a kind of oil that helps prevent moisture penetration and bugs hate it. this is the prime reason why cedar wood makes a good wood for exterior shutters. While the cedar wood has a kind of natural protection, it is always recommended that you provide extra protection for shutter and while paint can be brushed, it is recommended that it be sprayed. Most house painters will spray shutters with their airless spray systems for latex paint. Probably the best base for shutter protection is a coat of an oil-based primer tinted as close to your desired final color as possible. The action that protects that wood and the shutter is that the oil penetrates the wood, thus combining with it and providing protection. The top two coats of the wood protection should be a premium-grade exterior latex paint. The great advantage to this is that a topcoat of exterior latex paint will not chalk or fade like an oil-based paint. If shutter caps will be used, paint them as well since the top edge of shutters is the most vulnerable to moisture penetration.

    Installing shutters can be a simple task, no more than affixing panels to the house or attaching doors to the main frame. For better home security it is also possible to get and install operable shutters, which can be closed over windows for protection against storms, … Read More