Kitchen counter.

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Kitchen counter.

Here, you can see some of my favorite things in the whole house. The dishwasher is our newest baby. We’ve wanted a new dishwasher since we bought the place, and it’s our first ever appliance investment. If you knew how much John cared about dishes, you’d be surprised we waited as long as we did to buy one. (I’m gunning for the stove soon, right after a new washer and dryer.)

Also pictured are my knives, which I could not live without. KitchenAid mixer (as well as most of the dishwasher) is courtesy of John’s parents, who should be credited with the fact that I am finally getting over my fears of baking. My dutch oven and the KitchenAid food processor are courtesy of my mom, who is delighted that I cook for her when she comes to visit.

The kitchen is the room we’ve spent most time on in the house. Soon, we’re looking into updating the lighting (oh, flourescent lights, your days are numbered), and maybe adding a backsplash and a range hood if I’m a super nice girl and our tax return is big enough. These are our renovation goals for 2008.

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Five Reasons to Finish your Basement

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For those of you with a list of home improvement tasks – a few you've assigned yourself and a lot your spouse has assigned you – chances are a finished basement hovers somewhere near the top. A task that is a lot of work, it is also one that pays off: a finished basement can complete your house in ways you might not even imagine.

But why, exactly, should you finish your basement. With the lawn that needs fertilized, the wall that needs painted, and the screen door that needs replaced, you have more than enough to keep you busy. Well, the reason is simple: a finished basement can bring your house to a whole new level.

The following is a list of five reasons to finish your foundation, or at least get started in that direction:

You Do not Need That Much Storage: Unfinished basements are places where old belongings tend to get stored. As your tattered hiking boots and broken ski's seem to multiply in quantity, you find yourself wondering if your things are reproducing whenever left alone. Storage has a way of accumulating …. until you put a stop to it. You really do not need to … Read More

7 Steps For Starting Your Kitchen Renovation

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Before any remodeling project can begin, there is always going to be some demolition required. Depending on how far you are taking your kitchen renovation project, that could mean simply removing the countertops or stripping the room down to the bare studies. For many homeowners, the demolition can easily get out of hand when hammers and pry bars are flying around. While it may be a good way to get our aggression, it could result in more problems than you had before. Taking your time and actually disassembling the room versus destroying it, is the smart way to go. Here are 7 steps to remodeling your kitchen.

1. Think Safety. If you are going to around any electrical outlets or plumbing, it is important to make sure that both are turned off. As we all know, accidently hitting an electrical wire can prove painful, if not lethal. While hitting a water line may not be lethal, it can sure cause a lot of headaches and a big mess.

2. Protect The Items You Are Keeping. For example, if your floors are in good shape, and you plan to keep them, it is important to cover them. The last think you … Read More

Discover the Easy and Inexpensive Remodeling Tips to Sell your Home Fast

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When the time comes to sell your home it is a good idea to take a perusal of your property and start making note of some items that could have spruced up in order to not only reduce the amount of time your home is on the market but also to possibly increase your sales price as well. While the idea of ​​remodeling your home to sell it might seem like though it would hit hard in the pocketbook there are actually some inexpensive repairs and remodels you can do to your home that can really make a big difference for just a few dollars.

Unfortunately, many people first start to consider what they can do their kitchens and bathrooms in order to increase the home's value and the price tag. Ideally; however, you should first turn your attention to those repairs and remodels you can do that will result in an increased curve appealing. Remember it is the exterior of your home that actually makes the first impression and extremely decides whether a buyer is interested or not.

The first area you should take a look at is the trim around your doors and windows as well as the … Read More