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Tips for Choosing Between New Kitchen Cabinets and Re-facing Your Old Kitchen Cabinets


Of all of the rooms in a house, the kitchen is the place that many people invest the most time and cash. This is why, even if you are planning to sell the home in the near future, the kitchen is a great place to do some updating that buyers will pay for. The kitchen cabinets are an essential ingredient of the kitchen because they affect the overall look of the kitchen more than any other single item. If you are thinking about updating the cabinets, many homeowners are not sure whether it is better to refinish the cabinets presently in the home, or buy a new set of cabinets. There are several different things to consider when making this choice.

The elements you need to think about when making this decision are how much you have available to spend on the entire project, whether or not your existing cabinets are in good condition, and if you reasonably have the time to complete the undertaking. If you have the money to invest in your kitchen and feel like the cabinets need to be replaced anyway, having new cabinets installed is the way to go. Another thing to think about is whether or not the current cabinets are providing enough storage area for what you require. If not, that is another reason to go for the replacement option. If you do have a small amount of money that you can spend on this project, then you can still do a great job of updating your kitchen by doing some re-finishing your self.

Three Guidelines for Choosing New Kitchen Cabinets

If you decide to install new kitchen cabinets, three significant tips can help you head to your local home improvement store prepared.

1. Browse home improvement magazines and websites for images of updated kitchen cabinet styles. These resources will help you determine what styles, sizes, colors and materials are best for your needs and your kitchen’s d├ęcor. You may even want to bring along paint samples to compare with the colors of the various cabinets at the store.

2. Know how much room you have available. If you are planing to install new cabinets of the same size and shape of your old cabinets, you are in the clear. Simply tell the store assistant the current cabinets’ measurements. However, if you want to install different cabinets, you will need to let the assistant know how much space you have available. The store may even send an expert to assist you in measuring your available cabinet space.

3. Know, and accept, your cabinet-installation skills. DIY home improvement is a huge market, but not everyone can do demolition and installation. That’s all right! If you need someone to remove your old cabinets and install your new models, look into recommended remodellers or find out what services your home improvement store offers.

Steps to Re-facing Your Current Kitchen Cabinets

Re-facing your old kitchen cabinets may require more time and elbow grease, but it is an excellent way to save money and rejuvenate your kitchen. Plus, it is a doable home project. Most home improvement stores, magazines and websites provide thorough instructions on how to reface kitchen cabinets, but the scope of the project can be narrowed down to a few easy steps. First, take off the handles, hinges and doors from your cabinets. This will make it much simpler to work with all parts.

Next, take off the finish that your old cabinets have. This is best accomplished with sandpaper or an orbital sander. You will need various grades of sandpaper and you will also be able to eliminate any scratches that the cabinets have. If you have a deep mark, you will have to use wood filler. With a cleaner that is safe for wood, carefully clean all of the dust off the cabinets before you go to the next step.

Now the cupboards are ready for the stain and sealer so be put on. Some DIYers prefer to use paintbrushes, but others opt for soft rags. Make sure you adhere to the specific application instructions, and make sure you permit each application to thoroughly dry. Finally, put on your cabinet doors and hardware.

You can truly give your cabinets a new look by changing the hardware of the doors and drawers.

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