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Tips on Installing Hardwood Parquet Floors to Be Powerfully Attached

How to light the wooden floor parquet should be stuck with strong ready to do with very easy especially when this time the pole floor sold by the producer floor goal has a favorable framework consumers to do their own placement using either. However, it takes a little patience and energy so that the beauty of the floor that you have seen is of great artistic value. In order for you to position your own goal floor perfectly in a relatively simple manner, please expect the correct stages of the stage so that the wooden floor is attached firmly and tightly and perfectly.

This is a tipĀ roof deck system and level of strokes of wooden flooring with the earth that you can do yourself for the beautiful appearance of your great floor:

  1. The strength and flatness of the keel / basic Check the consistency level and flat unit of the main floor, if ready for the less massive floor immediately strengthened and if there is an uneven floor should be flattened in advance so as not to interfere with the time of installation.
  2. Adjustment before the permanent installation is done, make timber deck adjustments first using room temperature. The following adjustments are made to open the floor of the frame and install it for 48 hours.
  3. Clean the ground floor of varying impurities as well as various oils attached & make sure the base deck is in steady state during the installation period.
  4. Operate the steam barrier sheet first install the sheet to block direct evaporation inside the floor of the goal, using a similar sheet of aluminum foil or other plastic material.
  5. Setting Flat in the valley door inside the wood deck area under the gate, do the elevation setting first, the door should not be disturbed and have interrupted with the wood level then the door will move freely and the floor of the frame is not disturbed by the movement of the door.
  6. From installation in order to appear perfect, the installation starts from the first parallel sheet of the sheet using a very long room wall. Follow the plot of the castle and set the space for a piece of prime wood flooring with a wall of sufficient so that other wooden roman distances can be adjusted.
  7. Installing the next floor of the pole flakes use the parquet floor price order for the next number so that the wooden sheet will not easily move.
  8. Final installation the last wooden face faceplate is certainly strongly influenced by previous wood floor sheets. Make sure everything is maximized so that there are no gaps in any wooden base installed.
  9. Assembling the wood deck slab locking the wooden floor of the locking is done at the outer edge so as to funnel the beautiful wooden deck is seen. That is how to set the base of the wood along with the step stages to be followed so that the beautiful wood base results will be obtained even if you do the following installation in a simple way.