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Troubleshooting common commercial fridge problems


If you are experiencing problems with your commercial fridge, it’s always worth having a quick look to see if you can fix the issue yourself first before calling out an engineer. Some problems have a very simple solution.

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Problem – Fridge overheating or not cutting off

Solution – A reduced airflow at the rear or base of the fridge can cause it to overheat, and not shut off the cooling fans. Make sure that the fridge is not pushed right up against a wall. Check to see if there is a buildup of debris and dust around the compressor. This can also sometimes block the airflow. Switch off the power, use a brush or a cloth to wipe away any debris and carefully vacuum any areas you can get to.

Problem – Fridge is freezing up and food is frozen

Solution – Firstly, check that your fridge setting is not too low. According to KnowHow your fridge temperature should be between 3 and 5 degrees Celsius. Any higher and your food will spoil and you risk allowing dangerous bacteria to grow, any lower and you risk food freezing and nutrients will be lost. If the set temperature does not seem to be the cause then check that the door has been kept shut tightly. Not shutting the door could cause the fridge to overcompensate on the temperature.

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Problem – Fridge is leaking water

Solution – Check that the drain plug is clear and free from debris. Most fridges have a small hole designed to allow water from condensation to drain away. Sometimes these can get blocked up, causing water to build up and create puddles. Clear any dirt and flush with warm water. If this does not work you may need to use a pipe cleaner or wire to unclog the hole before flushing with warm water.

If you are still experiencing problems and an engineer can’t help then you may need to replace your solid door refrigeration. Companies such as have a wide range available.

Most problems are easily and cheaply fixed and it is always worth having a go yourself before resorting to getting help, which could result in a costly call out or even replacement. Safety should always be the main priority so make sure that the power is always turned off before attempting any repairs.