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Just Real Construction1

With over 10 years experience in the construction industry, Just Real Construction is the Brooklyn general contractor to call for your next renovation or construction project.Operating from 1349 East 38th street, Brooklyn NY 11234, Just Real Construction specializes in both residential and commercial construction. We offer quality painting, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, basement refinishing, room additions, installation of interior and exterior doors – including French doors – and full historical renovations. Just Real Construction provides plumbing services, flooring installation, including all types of hardwood, laminate, tile and carpeting. We can fix your windows – whether it is replacement windows for broken or damaged windows or complete new window installation with energy-efficient dual-paned windows. The bottom line is there is no job too large or too small for Just Real Construction – from installing hardwood, laminate, tile or carpeting flooring in one room or the entire house; creating your drinkitchen or bathroom; or a Brooklyn brownstone renovation – we will help you every step of the way to design your ultimate dream home.

Our design team works with customers to choose flooring, appliances, floor layout, texturing, fixtures and cabinetry. From the design phase straight through to completion, Just Real Construction offers … Read More

Problems With Foundations Constructed on Sandy Loam Soil and How to Identify, Prevent, and Rectify

A soil composition primarily known as “sandy loam” is a mixture of sand, clay, silt, and organic matter. Sandy loam is a very stable soil that shows little change with the increase or decrease of moisture and can easily support a slab foundation. Problems occur if the builder added fill to the substrate that was of a different soil composition. If this added fill consists of a higher clay content then expansive conditions can occur if balanced moisture is not maintained around the foundation

Let us identify some readily apparent observations. If your interior doors are difficult to close and you are observing cracks in the sheetrock, or cracks in exterior siding or perhaps masonry; then you may be experiencing foundation problems. Whether your house was built on pier and beam or on a concrete slab foundation these problems can occur.

The most common cause of these problems is due to the perimeter of your foundation being unequally saturated with moisture. Whenever there is a period of several months with minimal rainfall, you will have a variation of moisture saturation in the soil around the perimeter of your foundation. The out of balance moisture will cause stress and movement and … Read More

Covering a Lally Column in a Finished Basement Tutorial

Tutorial showing the steps necessary to build a simple enclosure to cover and decorate a lally support column in a finished basement.Structural support columns …

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Your Furnace Is More Important Than You May Realize

If the heater in your home is starting to go on the rocks, you may think that a few extra blankets and space heaters will get you through until the Spring. Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of issues in your home that could negatively impact you and your family. This is why it’s important to get any residential heating santa rosa ca services before your heater goes out completely. 

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Safe Heaters Just Aren’t Safe

Space heaters are convenient and relatively cheap, but you need to ensure that you are operating them properly or you could end up dealing with some burnt possessions and even a full-blown house fire. There are a lot of reasons why HVAC systems are recommended over space heaters. Not only can there potentially be a fire from leaving things too close to the space heater itself but sometimes they can also lead to a short especially if your electrical system is in need of some attention. 

It’s Costing You Money

When your heater is not working the way that it is supposed to, it’s costing you more on your electric bill every single month. Your HVAC system has to work harder to keep your … Read More

Victorian Home Renovation Contractor

Victorian Home Renovation Contractor

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Getting a Construction Loan Vs A Mortgage Loan – Learn the Differences

Unless you plan to pay cash for your home building project, you will need to obtain financing for the construction and a mortgage for the outstanding balance when it’s finished. While you may have qualified for a mortgage loan before, getting a construction loan for your home building project can be a little challenging. 

Although it’s certainly possible to get a construction loan as an owner-builder, lenders may shy away from you at first, thinking that you aren’t qualified to handle such an undertaking. Consequently, it’s important to be very prepared and to show yourself in a capable, competent light when presenting your case to the lender. For example, don’t say, “I’ve never really done this before, but I’m willing to give it a stab.” Instead, be positive, prepared and professional. Never lie, but anticipate questions and concerns and have answers ready.

There are several types of construction loans to choose from, but one of the most popular for people building their own home is a construction loan that converts to a permanent loan once the home is complete.  Although there are no standard specifications for this type loan, as a guideline, most only require that you pay closing costs once. That saves some money and makes the process easier.  You don’t have … Read More

Basement Bar Ideas|Basement Remodeling Atlanta (404)974-7100 Custom Bar

htttp://www.atlantabasementdesign.com – 404-974-7100 Atlanta basement remodeling projects are discussed by Atlanta homeowners with respect to the cost to …

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Home Remodel (43)

Home Remodel (43)

Showcase of Custom Home Building

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Controlling Ants in the Home

Ants play an important role in the environment but they are considered pests when they invade the house. They damage clothes and furniture by creating holes in them and they also contaminate food. Ants enter the house in search for water, food and shelter. Getting rid of them effectively may need one or two methods.

Ants are one of the most common and frequent insects inside the house. Homeowners find them really annoying and irritating because they causes harm and damage on persons and in the properties and home structures. Fire ants give a very painful bite which may be really dangerous for children and hypersensitive individuals.

For individuals, ants may look the same with each other. In reality, there are various type of species of ants that enter your home. Each type of ants have different characteristics and may require different approach in controlling them. The common house plants that invade the home are pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, pavement ants, acrobat ants, and the odorous ants. To identify what type of ants do you have in your home, get a few ant samples in a piece of plastic and then seek the help of an expert or pest control … Read More


2916 SWAN LAKE DRIVE – Elegant Swansgate home with 5 bedrooms/5 baths and plenty of room to expand in oversized walk-in attic. Gourmet kitchen with wine cooler, dual dishwasher, ice maker,…

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