home improvement ideas

home improvement ideas

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Basement Remodeling Ideas on a Budget and Tips

Video Basement Remodeling Ideas on a Budget and Tips.

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A Tale Of Home Improvement

A Tale Of Home Improvement

Once upon time, in a quiet village, stood a small bungalow, which suffered from neglect because its owners didn’t have any money to maintain it properly. A sign "for sale" had been standing in the front garden for a very long time, but nobody was interested since the bungalow was of very modern design, which was a sharp contrast to the rest of the historic village. Day after day the wood rotted away and nature slowly took over the garden, until only a complete make-over could help the bungalow to survive…

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The Design Improvements of Self Build Conservatories

Home owners and business owners that wanted to protect their small trees from the damage of frost and inclement weather once used conservatories. As these glass houses became more popular, they were used for entertaining and keeping plants blooming but were only affordable to the most prestigious. However, as attractive these buildings were, there was still the problem of heat loss in the winter and the blazing sun beating down in the summer. Recent technology, solar power and coated glass materials can now be used to provide the comfort that you want in your beautiful home addition.

One of the great advantages of using glass for lining walls and ceilings of a conservatory is the ability to become a part of nature with the world around you regardless of the weather. Glass is not just a looking glass to the outside but provides the clearest view that one can get. Today, energy efficiency can be added to this list of reasons to use glass in a creative way to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home. Llumar technology acts as a barrier against heat that can enter your home through large glass panels and instead stores it for … Read More

Home for Sale in Covington, LA: 22032 Lowe Davis Road

Home for Sale in Covington, LA: 22032 Lowe Davis Road $85000 / 2400sqft / 4 beds & 3 baths Motivated Sellers & Ready to Move In! Spacious home with laminate floor in den and hall, kitchen…

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Malibu home

Malibu home

Home interior in Malibu

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Does Your Concrete Foundation or Drywall Have Cracks?

It is not uncommon to find cracks in a concrete foundation of a home. This goes for new homes as well as older ones. While some cracks can indicate a serious issue with the home, many are considered normal shrinkage cracks. Let’s discuss the issue of cracks in a foundation and what it means to you.

Minor shrinkage cracks are common in new as well as older home foundations. Poured concrete shrinks as it cures, or settles. As the concrete shrinks, small vertical or 45 degree cracks may develop over time at basement windows, door openings, or corners. We call these stress or surface cracks. These cracks are 1/4″ wide or less and do not affect the structure of the building. If you see small cracks in a new foundation, or an old foundation for that matter, don’t panic. The concern here is moisture intrusion into the basement or crawlspace. This is a fairly easy fix with epoxy insertion or concrete caulk. On older homes these cracks may return, especially if the walls are made of lath and plaster. But, don’t be alarmed, it’s just the home continuing to settle.

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DIY Kitchen Renovation – Demo Day! | DIY Distress

My husband and I are renovating our kitchen. Our house was built in the 1920’s and the kitchen was in dire need of a remodel. We are always up for learning, …

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Cute and Fuzzy

Cute and Fuzzy

Just one upload this week to say hello, I’ve been extra busy these past few days! It seems appropriate to upload a water shot since our basement flooded Wednesday night for the first time in the 13 years we’ve lived here. The remains of Tropical Storm Lee dumped enough rain to cause water to come into our finished basement through any crack it could find! The waters have receded now but it will take days to dry it all out!
Thanks for stopping by my photostream. Best wishes to you all! : )
Explore Sep 10, 2011 #460 Thank you all for your kindness!

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Kitchen Remodel: Part 8 – Cabinet Install

There was a lot more fitting and fussing with the cabinets to get them into place then I had originally thought. For the most part, these issues were all things I …

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