kitchen remodel

kitchen remodel

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Removing Fence Posts Mounted in Cement Footings – DIY Fence Repair

The best way to remove a fence post installed in a solid concrete base if the wood post is broken off at ground level without digging or using expensive equipment. There are plenty of solutions on the internet that are satisfactory when the fence post is strong and sturdy: use a lever to raise the fence post, excavate a trench at the side of the fence post and push the post out, raise the post using a bumper jack or high lift agriculture jack, or bring in heavy equipment – but each of these methods really doesn’t tackle the common dilemma confronting a home-owner after wind damage – the wood post is snapped off.

All too often the fence post is splintered so there is nothing available above ground that is solid, the base is of unknown dimension and depth, and the fence to be repaired is in a location close to structures that hamper accessibility of a backhoe (not even accounting for the rental expense or the harm they may cause to yards). In the event that only a few fence posts are damaged on a fence, the new posts really need to be set in the very same … Read More

concrete resurfacing Philadelphia finished basement floor.

concrete resurfacing Philadelphia finished basement floor. Sahara waterproofing 215-869-9964.

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Home Improvement

Home Improvement

The Money Pit provides Home Improvement tips and suggestions to help you make your House a Home. Find our home improvements tips here

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How To Decide If You Should Renovate Your Bathroom

Every year, 1000s, if not many millions, of homeowners make the choice to remodel their showers and bathrooms. Are you planning to turn into one of those consumers?

A multitude of property owners are, however, fail to get started on a much-needed bathroom renovation. The main reasons why homeowners shy away from taking on such a project are because of their uncertainty and their fears of spiraling costs. You along with many other homeowners like yourself commonly question whether they could benefit from having their restrooms revamped. Of course, the final decision is yours to make, but you will realize that you can gain a variety of different ways from having your bathroom and shower renovated.

One of the numerous perks of restroom improvement is the prospect of an enhanced residential property market value. While many people want a better-looking bathroom, they don’t realize that a renovation project can also pay off in terms of the value of their home. A number of homeowners fail to understand that simply by renovating their shower rooms, the resale value of their houses could certainly go up. Most restroom upgrades result in an increased home worth. Bear in mind, however that the rise … Read More

How to Repair Drywall. How to Fix a Hole in the Wall. THE EASY WAY!

Like us on Facebook! How to fix a hole in drywall using a really simple drywall repair method. How to fix a …

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Jonel Designers Home Renovation

Jonel Designers Home Renovation

Posted by joneldeprince on 2015-10-01 22:42:33

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The Importance of Bathroom Suites in Homes

Bathroom suites are a must-have for every home, they add comfort and value to the overall design of the home. As you may have noticed, certain home remodeling increases the retail value of the house while others may not have as much impact, or may even have no impact at all.

Studies show that new bathroom suites add more value to the cost of a home. Well-maintained and updated fixtures do raise the value of a home notches higher. Experts claim that when it comes to selling a house, the appearance and the value of the house is a strong selling point.

There are many options available to homeowners on the many different types of bathroom suites that are online. You will find both modern and traditional varieties when you go shopping. A traditional one comes with a double side end roll top bath with ball feet designs. These outstanding tubs retain their traditional designs and structure and are made from long lasting contemporary material. Traditional suites are known for their pedal sinks. Moreover, there toilet seats are sold differently to enable you buy and play with colors.

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Bathroom Renovation Mosman, Sydney.

This Mosman family needed a 21st Century upgrade to …

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