carpet tile mat matting entrance reception foyer area by iona flooring

carpet tile mat matting entrance reception foyer area by iona flooring

carpet tile mat matting in entrance reception foyer area of care home by iona flooring.

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Basement Cabinet Design: What's Up for Downstairs?

At one time, basements were viewed as nothing more than dungeons with climate control. Over the years, home owners and builders have gained a new appreciation for these spaces, adopting them as extra bedrooms, recreation centers and urban retreats. One of the secrets to success in making them work is strategic use of storage through proper cabinet design.

With their new found status as a center of activity, basements must maximize their square footage by minimizing mess. As demonstrated in other rooms, the right cabinet design is the perfect prescription for ACS (advanced clutter syndrome). If the end you seek is an attractive, efficient spot for your family to enjoy, basement cabinet design is a great place to start.

Build it (in) and They Will Come

For some basements that are either smaller in size or already filled with furniture, the cabinet design issue comes down to how you can add more storage space without adding more space. It sounds like one of those deep "if a tree falls in the forest" questions, but the answer is less substantial and more practical: Built-in storage. It's the perfect cabinet design to help you stow away items without making the room feel … Read More

Jack and Jill Bathroom Remodel (part 1)

Starting another new project in my house — because we are in need of a functional guest room. My goal is to have this whole project completed by February 1 …

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home improvement store northgate qld

home improvement store northgate qld

home improvement store northgate qld

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The Importance of Hiring a Flood Cleanup Contractor to Carry Out Your Restoration Work

A water damage cleanup is a lot more complicated that it usually looks. Many homeowners have gone through the disappointing experience where they might have tried to do a basement flood cleanup or water damage cleanup on their own only to see disastrous results.

This article will hopefully allow a person to understand the importance of hiring a flood cleanup contractor to do a professional job. Here are some of the main reasons why hiring a flood cleanup contractor is a much better idea than trying a self restoration.

• Expert knowledge in handling different categories of water – Did you know that there are three different categories of water. Category 1 is the least harmful and it is often water that flows from a broken pipe or an overflowing sink. Category 3 is the worst type of water that can damage your property and it often comes from sources such as sewers, seawater from seas, water from rivers and streams or even ground surface water. Another point to note is that category 2 water can become category 3 if it has stalled for more than about 48 hours. Category 3 water is also known as black water and will … Read More

Basement Remodeling in Prospect Park/Lafayette

Complete remodeling of this basement of Lafayette street in Brooklyn NY.

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Vacant Home Rescue Arizona California Home Improvement (43)

Vacant Home Rescue Arizona California Home Improvement (43)

A Unique and 100% FREE Clean up & Preparation Service for Sellers of Vacant Homes

We deal in homes $40K and up, subject to safety inspection.

"Our goal is to help sustain or raise neighborhood values,
while making house hunting a safer and more rewarding environment for Realtors and buyers. We hope to help desperate home sellers prepare their homes for the market and avoid unnecessary heartache and fines. We believe our hard work and genuine passion for our company, will bring Realtors and homeowners the much needed solution to a very difficult problem. "

You are trying to decide if you should put your home up for short sale. You have left in a hurry, leaving no time to fix up the issues to get the home ready to be put on the market, nor do you have the time or the energy to put into a home you are being forced to sell. It could be the case you have finally been harassed and pushed over the edge by the bank and you just want out. The loan modification that once looked so hopeful isn’t sounding nearly as appealing as it did on TV and you don’t want … Read More

What’s Going On Under My Sink? | DIY Basics

Subscribe to Lowe’s YouTube: or head to our channel: For more ideas to improve your home, check out …

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Home Improvement

Home Improvement

The Money Pit provides home improvements tips and suggestions to help you make your House a Home. View our tips for an effective, efficient installation here

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How to Refinish Laminate Cabinets

Many people absorb laminate cabinets can not be finished, but this is far from the truth! There is no need to replace laminate cabinets because they are old or outdated. Instead, you can simply refinish them! Instantly brighten, modernize, and alter the look of your kitchen's laminate cabinetry all within your budget. It is important to review the correct process for laminate cabinet refinishing in order to achieve the best possible results. For those uncomfortable with do-it-yourself hand work, there's no need to worry; you can hire a professional contractor and still stay within budget! Continue reading for a brief guideline to refinishing laminate kitchen cabinets, and who to call for general general contractor work for kitchen remodeling in your town!

Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

If you are determined to refinish your kitchen laminate cabinets on your own, then good for you! Take a look at the guide below to learn some of the major components and key points for these particular projects. Be sure to prepare by first gathering all the necessary supplies and tools to get the job done right. These include:

  • Paint and Paint Primer ( Water-Based )
  • Foam Rollers
  • Rolling Pans
  • Painter's Tape
  • Sandpaper ( 240 &
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