Black-crowned Night-Heron

Black-crowned Night-Heron

Another home improvement project …

Posted by jt893x on 2013-04-28 10:41:34

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How to Repair Inverter Battery at Home – By Mahinder’s Talent | Hindi

If you want to repair inverter battery at home, you need to withdraw its all acid in a small container for safety of children and environment. Now, clean it by water …

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Malibu home

Malibu home

Home interior in Malibu

Posted by federicojanni on 2014-07-15 14:46:59

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Historic Seattle Home Renovation – HGTV

After getting married, Nelson and Andrea Nakata moved into Nelson’s childhood home in Seattle. See how the couple renovated the hundred-year-old …

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Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair

via Blogger

Posted by jahnwayne on 2015-04-25 10:12:54

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San Diego Family Room Addition by Budge-It Home Remodeling

Budge-It Home Remodeling Inc. has been building San Diego room additions since November of 1965. Watch as we build this family room addition in South …

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Bathroom Remodel – Day 17 002

Bathroom Remodel - Day 17 002

The sink is in too now. I screwed up the window trim though so we have to get some more to fix it.

Posted by TNVWBOY on 2008-05-11 23:00:32

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Plan Your Home Improvements

When we purchase our homes and visualize our beloveds in the space, it looks there is a place for everything and more space than we had before. After we move in, we find there are a few things that can be improved.

Almost everyone has had at least one home improvement project since they moved into their home or apartment. Home improvement is a worthwhile venture that has a number of advantages.

Most people undertake a project for one of two reasons. The main one is to add new elements that improve the physical aspect of the dwelling. This benefits the whole family. The second reason is to increase the value of the home to make it more saleable, increasing the profit that can be realized.

A home improvement project generally arises from a need such as an additional bathroom. This type of project adds value to the home. Other improvements center on family needs such as adding a deck or patio. You may see an increase in value for these types of additions, but mainly it will provide a better lifestyle for your family. If your home is more than ten years old, an improvement project may be an … Read More

Home Improvement Stores Bracing for the Storm

CENTERVILLE–If you need a new shovel or a refill on winter supplies,you may have a hard time finding them tonight. Places like Ace Hardware already shipped …

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Home Improvement 0002

Home Improvement 0002

Replacing the $7 Lowe’s light fixture/wall sconce in the kitchen nook. Aiming for an art deco theme throughout the house.

Posted by kay.enn.kay. on 2012-04-21 16:42:17

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