Deer In The Backyard

We receive no building code enforcement at #321Broadway.

We hired a shady contractor to replace our foundation.

Kevin Oberhouse d.b.a Toledo Basement Repair / DIVERSIFIED GROUP LLC started working, removed our entire foundation, got six RED TAG / STOP WORK ORDERS and then abandoned the job.

The city of Maumee Division of Building Inspection and Zoning was incompetent and malicious in their treatment of us and our home, made error after error, told lie after lie and then abandoned the job.

The city of Maumee has made so many mistakes and told so many lies that they now just ignore us.

We painted #PublicNuisance on the front of our historic home five months ago and not one person associated with the city of Maumee, Ohio has said one word about it.

Mayor Rich Carr is lying!


Posted by Tim Ide on 2018-12-16 23:07:32

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