What you need to Know about the Acrylics Nails Fungus and Treatment.

Acrylics nails are plastic and manmade, and a popular choice for women looking to have longer nails for fashion purposes or because theirs don’t grow. While they are generally safe the processes for removal and even putting them on involved chemicals and acids that can cause allergic reactions. The infections mainly happen when the nails are not well fitted or they are actually damaged. When you attach them, your natural ones will keep growing and the gap left will have to be filled, and this is just recipe for ode chemicals and damaged, loos and weak nails. The nail salons tools too, of not well sterilized can spread the infection during the attachments.

If there are swelling around the fingertips, oozing of the pus or even the redness at the fingertips then this will be a clear indication that some fungus has actually developed underneath the fingernails. This infection may not affect the artificial acrylics, but they definitely will your natural ones which can go for so long unnoticed because they are hidden. Inflammation, pain and itching, not to mention nasty natural nails are among the results of a neglected nail fungus. You not being able to see them is not the only problem because there is also the fact that they will be having perfect breeding grounds with the dark, the moisture and the warmth.

There are a number of treatments out there, if you ever find yourself here. The two major treatment options are through using home remedies and also the over the counter treatments. Before you can even get to the treatment, removing the acrylics and trimming your natural ones is the first step if you notice that there could be an infection. There are the plants essential oils like olive, jojoba and lavender and there are also the vinegar and Listerine application which have the antifungal properties an can help here. over the counter medications.

There are a number of ways that you can prevent all this altogether, and among them is making sure that the salon that you go to is clean and uses clean stuff, are professionals and make the best fitting and if there is damage or lifting them you should take care of that as soon as you can. If you also work where your hands are usually wet most of the time then it is very advisable that you stay away from the acrylics all together.

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