A car garage is crucial in protecting your car against all sorts of harm such as theft, snow and sunshine. In a layman’s language, the term can be used to refer to a structure with a roof and a wall that is used for storing your car. Some of the garages may be separate from your house while others may be part of your home. The attached ones are referred to as attached garages while the separate ones are called sheds or detached garages. While there are many companies specializing in the construction of garages, none can match the skills of Amish Sheds from Lancaster County.

Understanding garages

Garages used for residential purposes can be used to house two or three cars. It’s important to note that when the garage is an attached garage, there is a door linking the garage to your house. They are characterized by a wide door that when raised allows your vehicle to enter the premise. Once the vehicle is in the premise, the garage is closed to protect the vehicle from any harm. Other than protecting the vehicle from all forms of precipitation and vandalism, they can be used for totally different projects such as assembling, woodworking and painting.

Control in a garage

Development in technology has also touched garages. For instance, the owner has an electrical mechanism that allows him to close the garage door by merely pressing a button. At the same time, advancement in technology means that garage owners can use remote controls to open and close the door. The garage should have enough space to take care of other products and items such as lawnmower and bicycles. For beauty purposes and conformity, a garage attached to the house should be constructed with the same materials as the house especially the roofing materials and external materials. However, garages not attached to the house can adopt a completely different model and varied materials.

Garage Doors

When dealing with garages, one thing you must keep an open mind about is garage doors. Since they open and close many times, they are subject to breakdown from time to time. Choosing the right garage door is crucial to protecting your car. While there are many ways of opening a garage door, chose the one that suits you. The most common way of opening garage doors is the canopy opening style. This style allows your door to open upwards and outwards meaning the door will reside on the garage ceiling space.

Materials used for garage doors

Another important consideration that you should look into when constructing your garage door is the material you use. The material used for garage doors is very crucial as it affects the thermal efficiency of the garage. Commonly used materials when it comes to the retractable and canopy doors are timber and steel materials.


This article discusses some basics about garages. It also discusses the mechanisms used to control garages. Garage doors and the important factors that you should consider when choosing garage doors are also discussed.