Kitchen counter.

Here, you can see some of my favorite things in the whole house. The dishwasher is our newest baby. We’ve wanted a new dishwasher since we bought the place, and it’s our first ever appliance investment. If you knew how much John cared about dishes, you’d be surprised we waited as long as we did to buy one. (I’m gunning for the stove soon, right after a new washer and dryer.)

Also pictured are my knives, which I could not live without. KitchenAid mixer (as well as most of the dishwasher) is courtesy of John’s parents, who should be credited with the fact that I am finally getting over my fears of baking. My dutch oven and the KitchenAid food processor are courtesy of my mom, who is delighted that I cook for her when she comes to visit.

The kitchen is the room we’ve spent most time on in the house. Soon, we’re looking into updating the lighting (oh, flourescent lights, your days are numbered), and maybe adding a backsplash and a range hood if I’m a super nice girl and our tax return is big enough. These are our renovation goals for 2008.

Posted by jen.rizzo on 2008-02-14 02:49:24

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