Kitchen Remodeling can Increase a Home’s Value

One of the best ways to improve the value of a home is to upgrade the kitchen. Simple fixes can turn an outdated kitchen into a stylish welcoming space, and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to make it happen. With easy to do kitchen remodeling projects, a boring kitchen can be transformed into an updated dream kitchen in no time.

Refinish Cabinets

One of the easiest ways to change the look of a kitchen is to paint the cabinets. New paint can revitalize tired cabinets and freshen up the overall look of the space. Cabinets can be painted in a bright white or another neutral tone for a clean dramatic look, or colors may be used to create a more homey atmosphere that reflects the style and design taste of the homeowner.

Add a Backsplash

A new backsplash can liven up a dated kitchen and give it a more current feel. This can be done with tile, glass, tin, stainless steel or a host of other materials. The addition of a backsplash can add a decorative touch, while providing a practical way to keep a kitchen clean, especially around the stove and sink areas.

Kitchen Island

Some kitchens have limited counter space which can be quite frustrating, especially when trying to prepare large meals for holidays and special occasions. A kitchen island can increase the amount of usable counter space in the room, without needing to redesign the entire kitchen to do so. An island can be permanently adhered to the floor or made to be movable by attaching wheels to the bottom of it.


The use of pendant lighting and under the cabinet lighting can brighten up a kitchen. Task lighting can be aesthetically pleasing to look at, and it provides light in areas that are often ignored. Under the cabinet lighting works well for brightening up dark corners and makes it easier to see while prepping food. Pendant lighting offers concentrated light to illuminate a particular spot and makes a wonderful accent feature, too.

A dated kitchen can be transformed with a few simple changes that add visual impact and increase functionality at the same time. Updating a kitchen can be done with any kind of budget, big or small, and the new look can increase the value of one’s property, too.