Has your living room become bland and drab?  After a long day, you should feel peacefulness as you enter your home. A welcoming, calm environment is just the cure to unwind after a stressful day. The thought of re-decorating your space may well be filled with both intimidation and anxiety.  You don’t need a professional designer or a giant budget to make a huge transformation of your space. Follow these super tips from the experts and you’re new space will welcome you home in no time!

Start by emptying out the room. If there are larger furniture pieces that can’t be moved, cover these with drop cloths or sheets. Select a light paint color for the walls that compliments to the color of the rooms within site of the space you’re painting. Remember, selecting a baby’s name is a huge decision, choosing a $20 gallon paint is not.  Prepare the walls for painting by spackling and sanding and nail holes or blemishes. Apply two coats of paint. Touch up the trim work where necessary.  After painting, shine the windows and steam clean the floors. You’ll want your space to sparkle prior to returning any furnishing to the space.

Before returning the furniture, identify the focal point of the space.  This could be a fireplace, large picture window or dominate piece of furniture. Arrange the sofa and chairs in a conversational setting around the focal point. Resist the temptation to return every item to the space. Edit smaller pieces of furniture to avoid a cluttered look.  If your special canine friend inhabits the space, take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a new pet bed from the huge selection and value available at Petco.

When returning the window treatments to the space, hang them 3 inches below the ceiling to allow the eye to travel higher and increase the sense of space in the room. Hang artwork at eye level.  Be selective with accessories. Every surface does not need to be covered. Cluster accessories in complimentary groups of 3 items.  Store and then rotate accessories throughout the year.  Invest in fresh throw pillows for a poop of color.  You did it!  You’ve just transformed your space from blah to a welcoming room to relax in and unwind after a long day!