Tips and Tricks to Organize Your Basement

The basement has tremendous storage potential. Most people are already aware of this because of the accessibility to quickly put things in the basement. However, the foundation can become an eyesore because of the tendency to use it as a hideaway space when you are expecting company. Years of this habit results in an accumulation of wanted and unwanted items. The mere thought of organizing the basement is daunting after boxes, clothes, old games, and unused workout equipment have piled up. However, there are simple ways that you can get organized, and make your basement a viable living space to store things. You might even have an extra room for entertainment or to store your adult child who wants to move back home.

The first step to having an organized basement is identifying and categorizing what to get rid of and what to keep. This step alone can cause you to throw up your hands in surrender. But, you do not have to be defeated by your foundation: take charge and get your basement back to normal. You can avoid organizing burn out by not trying to finish the job in one day. Starting the process is good, but do not hesitate to take a break if you get tired. Organizing and cleaning a large room is a huge task. Break up the task into a series of tasks over a period of days. Plan to go through a few boxes one or two hours each day.

Once you have everything divided, explore options for an efficient storage system to avoid repeating the mess. You can stack boxes by placing the heaviest boxes on the bottom, and have lighter boxes on top. Buying storage shelves is another option, and probably the most efficient. Investing in heavy duty shelves is a better storage solution, especially when you need to periodically retrieve certain items like holiday decorations. Strong adjustable shelves also give you flexibility when more things are added to the basement. Plastic bins are better than cardboard boxes, especially if your foundation has moisture problems. Cardboard withers over a period of time. Clear plastic bins helps you identify what is stored.

You can make organizing your foundation a family event. Each member of your family uses the basement to store things; assign work lifts, and let each person go through his or her items to store, donate or throw away. Remain committed to the storage system once the task is complete. Every journey begins with the first step, and deciding to organize your foundation is more than a state of mind. It can become a reality and result in more space than you realize.