Waterproofing a Leaking Basement

In order to best understand how to waterproof a leaking basement, you need to understand what makes so many basements leak in the first place. Many people aren’t even aware of the need to move water away from the foundation of their homes which is a good first step towards having a dry basement. Low areas surrounding the foundation should be filled in to slant away from the basement walls. Eave spouts and downspouts need to extend at least 8′ beyond the foundation. When water is allowed to accumulate near the foundation, it can be forced through the joint between the wall and the floor by hydraulic pressure. Water can also be forced in through walls. Water leaking through the floor is rarely a problem.

Even when you’ve taken steps to keep your basement from leaking, problems may still arise. For instance, many waterproofing systems are installed incorrectly so that they won’t perform the way they were intended. In addition, leaks can originate from basic problems such as a clogged or leaky gutter that allows water to pool around your foundation. Your home may be located in an area with a high water table. Although contractors building new construction homes using a septic system are now required to have Perk tests done to check for water level prior to installation, this type of testing is not done on the majority of homes. Often the easiest way of waterproofing a leaking basement is to know the possible problems ahead of time and make sure they don’t exist in the home you buy.

If you do have a leaky basement, there are several steps you can try in order to dry it out. A sump pump can be a wise purchase, because even if you don’t think you have water in your basement, you may be very thankful later on that you have a pump. You can go for months without a water problem before one actually rears its ugly head. There are also numerous different systems that you can either have installed or purchase to install yourself that are designed to help with the various leaks you may have. Waterproofing a leaking basement can be a challenge, but there are definitely ways of overcoming the problem.